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ClickFather Update 10-01-10 Off to Texas!






Well I am off heading to Texas for the OU/Tex game tommorrow I am so excited!  I do my best to really enjoy what I do and reap the rewards of doing those things well. Of course I am going with other Affiliates so there will be some shop talk  🙂


Traffic summary:

This week I personally found a good amount of success promoting our LifeFInder  offer (cid 139225 on elite)  I did not see even one emailer under 16% CTL!

One pub converted solid at 26.3%…amazing….$15 payout

 I also continued promoting whoseachingforyou.com through display and search and now have it tweaked to a average  40% roi off the buys. It took about a month of daily tweaking but has paid off. (this is also one of the offers I am using to coach people with) If you want to run it please contact james.epner23@gmail.com

Lastly I am testing quibids.com on email and search internally. If you want to test that one and have run swipe, bidcactus or one of the others please contact me  directly as it is a closed private program.


One more noteworthy offer  is  on Xy7Elite elite  oneMinuteTimeshare.com EMAIL ONLY

$12   awesome landing page check it out!



Response has been overwhelming. thanks to all for the great emails! I said I would choose 2-3 people I have actually decided to work with more  as I found 6 awesome publishers that are super committed and ready to crush it..

I will post updates every Friday as to their progress as well !  Of course, with that said if anyone ever has a question or needs help I will be there to help you as well  I am considered one of the most reachable CEO’s in our space so please call 702-216-4012 (direct line) email, or aim me “roidealsdaily” anytime you need a hand that is what I am here for 🙂


Ok off to Tx!….btw prediction  Tex 21 OU 44



-The ClickFather â„¢


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