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What’s going on here?

What’s going on here?!


I see a disturbing trend of Affiliate networks with no notice going out of business….others are rebranding or selling just ”assets” to avoid the large debts they accumulated to affiliates. I did know this day was coming, and how can it not with such a low level of entry and so many networks sprung up. With no mission statements, business plans or let’s face it a right to be in this space!
Like the jungle, everything has its place and eventually the weak animals get either eaten or just die of starvation. The only real concern here is many of these networks are relied upon by affiliates to pay their bills, send their kids to college and even make a car payment. So I would advise you rethink WHO you are dealing with. Ask around, BIG does not mean a thing. Anyone big or small can go bankrupt given a lawsuit or just bad credit decisions. Just like any other business relationship or partnership, you should know who you are dealing with. It is not out of line for you to ask your network for a bank rating which basically says how many digits the average balance is ex. 5 figures would be 10,000 to 99,999 and so on. I personally
do not do business with any companies with a bank rating under 6 digits as I know the volume we can do on any deal and do not want to base my getting paid on if they made a good credit decision or have a strong contract. As I often say, I live in Vegas so if I want to gamble I can go to a casino!

The Media Buying Alliance

Stay tuned for a major announcement in August as we will be opening up the “MBA” up to 50 more media buyers. This is huge news. If you want to be considered please send an email to me at with your name, phone, aim and amount of media you currently buy per month. Please do not fudge it as we will be requiring documentation if you are moved into phase 2 of consideration. Please be someone that spends a minimum of $25,000 per month buying media whether it’s Facebook, Search, Display or PPV. The Media Buying Alliance is not for everyone.

Cabo San Lucas!

One of the absolute pleasures of working for myself is that I get to set my own schedule and although I am very regimented when it comes to putting my hours in and getting everything done I truly enjoy the freedom to be wherever in the world I want at any time. I came to Cabo on June 27th for a “quick 3 day trip” to attend a wedding. Well it’s July 3rd and I am writing this from the courtyard of my suite at Las Ventannas ( I decided to stay indefinitely) Who wouldn’t ? 71 rooms with a little more than half occupied and a staff of 300 plus If you have never experienced pure luxury stop by here for a couple of days…

The ClickFather’s Book Corner

Delivering Happiness, by: Tony HsiehAfter reading Delivering Happiness by the CEO of Zappos Tony Hsieh, it really gave me an insight on how important customer service is. I always knew it was but this really put it into perspective.
I am now reading “Onward; the story of Starbucks” written by the CEO Howard Shultz. I had the pleasure of meeting Howard in the greenroom of the CBS studios in NYC as one of my other companies had someone they were representing on the show that day. Howard was a very pleasant guy. I had no idea what he was going through at that time WOW…If you think you lost your edge a bit. Read this book!

Emailer’s wanted on XY7Elite!

We just bolstered up our email offerings and now has over 15 solid email deals. To preview the offers go hereIf you do not have an xy7elite account and can consistently do at least $1000 a week in volume then please email me directly for consideration

What I am buying…

#174006 – Get Unemployment Benefits
#172304 – Maria Medium

#171953 – 3D Halt Games

For more information on any of these campaigns please contact myself or any of the account managers below.

Quick Tips from The ClickFather

If you have a Mac, check out the app store. There is a great app called “Photo Effect Studio.” I’m an avid Gimp user on my pc but really did not have anything that I could use easily. This is it 🙂 forum: I mentioned this one a couple of issues back. Let me tell you, every time I log in I learn something new. Definitely worth the small investment to join.

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