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Major tracking outage…OUCH!!

There is a lot of talk as Direct Track has been down for about 20 hours. The last update I got from them was at 8:44 AM PST was “Unfortunately, the efforts to restore operability of the storage area network (SAN) have stalled. This is impacting all Digital River platforms, including DirectTrack.”

This affects not only DT clients directly but also people taking offers from DT clients. We really feel for many networks affected by this as it is 100% out of their control and all they can do is wait until it is resolved, until then they7 have literally no way to track anything.

This does not affect us here at We are 100% up and being that most our deals are direct the few deals that were going through the affected platform were immediately redirected to live compatible programs.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me.

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