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    Who can you trust? Clickfather update 1-27-10

    Who Can You Trust? One of the questions I frequently hear from long time media buyers is, “why can’t I trust anyone?” Partnerships or JV’s can be great if both parties each have something unique to offer the other and can combine resources to make more money. I do several JV’s and media buying partnerships […] More

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    ClickFather Newsletter 10-29-10

    I refer to the Internet as the ultimate equalizer where anyone from anywhere can literally be on an equal playing field with anyone else. Most social and economic boundaries can be overcome as long as you can write well, have a cool looking website and possess some knowledge about the More

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    Back to school and back to work!

    Back from a long weekend….yeah right I worked right through it 🙂 Results: Eharmony did very well with their “free access weekend” some ads had a CTR of over 1% along with a CTL of 8% on average What I did is pause all those ads at midnight  last night as the promo was over […] More

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    Focusing on this week

    After looking at my stats and noticing I have bought 8 Billion impressions on Face Book in the past 7 months I am going to make a real effort to start spending alot more with 7-19-20 Update: Still working on myads API it is a bit buggy and we have faced some challenges although […] More