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Holiday Weekends present unique marketing opportunities

Holiday weekends present a great time to fine tune your online marketing campaigns. After doing Internet Marketing for almost 12 years and taking extensive notes along the way I have found several “hot spots” to take advantage of during the holidays.I will share some of them with you,during Labor Day Weekend I have seen Friday to Sunday Afternoon to be rather slow with the exception of gaming sites and then have seen a large increase in traffic Sunday night going into Monday(labor Day) and right through to Tuesday AM.

Here are the deals I am personally promoting as well this upcoming weekend and the reasons behind them.

Target 1 Dating

People that do not have a significant person in there lives take notice much more on a holiday.

I am going to be running  eHarmony as we have it set up by different age ranges so on social I can target by exact age and get paid alot more money because of that. Keep in mind new studies show 21-27% of a persons online time is spent on social networking sites!

Here are the XY7 Offer numbers I will be promoting

#4306   eHarmony – FEMALE Age 18-24 – 074

#4305   eHarmony – FEMALE Age 25-30 – 074

#4304   eHarmony – FEMALE Age 31-35 – 074

#4303  eHarmony – FEMALE 35+ – 074

#4309   eHarmony – MALE Age 25-30 – 074

#4308   eHarmony – MALE Age 31-35 – 074

#4307   eHarmony – MALE Age 35+ – 074

Landing page for all the offers:

Prices vary per demo please log into to see pricing.


Target 2 Auctions/Shopping

People have more leisure time on a holiday weekend  and will be spending more time on auction and shopping sites. This presents a great opportunity to get new users that normally would not take the time to engage.

I will be running SwipeBids and  (both have caps so you need to inquire with me directly if you are interested in running these)

Pricing from $20 to $70 per lead.


Target 3  Education.

I am focusing on a few Niche Education Offers Like ITT Tech,& Criminal Justice. I am also starting to retest our Canadain Campus offers in Nursing like VCC and CDI (both for Social only)


Target 4 With new landing page

This one is fun as MyLife has been a client for quite some time. We are now promoting this offer with a brand new custom landing page and let me tell you conversions have increased dramatically!

This weekend is an awesome time to retest this if you ran it before as it has been seriously revived and can take a TON of volume.

Payout $1.50 for social,display and search.  Offer 3947


If you would like personal advice on any campaigns please contact me directly aim  roidealsdaily or email Have a safe and fun weekend.

-The ClickFatherâ„¢

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