Around the world in 8 days…My journey

Welcome to Ad-Tech New Delhi!!

The trip…

The journey started wit a 10.5 hour flight from Los Angeles International to Frankfurt Germany following by another 7 hour flight to New Delhi. My initial thought on arriving in India was, “for landing at 2am it was pretty busy and there was a lot of fog…” Turns out that is the layer of pollution on the air 🙁

We checked into our hotel and got to bed. The next day we took a trip to see monuments in Old Delhi & New Delhi and even spent a couple hours on rickshaws going through the local streets.
My takeaway here is that I cannot understand how a nation has no pride for their country. It was absolutely filthy everywhere. The bathroom at the airport not only had no toilet paper, it did not even have a holder for any. You can see how this would prove to make it very hard for me to shake a lot of hands the whole trip. 🙂

You can’t make this stuff up!

The food in the hotel was good and the people I met were warm and inviting.
Ad tech Day 1 was extremely busy. I left the floor at 5:30 PM to go nap and got up at 7 pm for dinner. The hotel lobby was still bustling with people from the show.
Day 2 of Ad tech was just as busy. The surprising thing was that in the states on the second day of any show I have gone to, everyone is packing up early trying to go home. Here it was exactly the opposite. The floor closed at 5 and at 5:45 all booths were still up and there was still well over 1,000 people on the floor.

We then packed up for our “short” 7 hour flight to Singapore

I love Singapore air as the seats are large and you can elect for your own little suite which is great to stretch out especially on marathon flights.
Singapore…Oh what a difference! We stayed at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel and it was a treat! We had two major affiliate dinners and spent the rest of the time touring the city and hanging out at the infinity edge pool.


I used to be afraid of heights, so I figured why not test the extreme? I did the treetop walk and then the canopy view, which I have to admit was kind of freaky. I am glad I did it!


On Monday morning (which is still Sunday morning back home…kinda weird) we left for South Korea. We arrived and went to an authentic Korean bbq.
The tour was great, but at this point in the trip, i’m ready to head back to the states.
Air Canada on way back was another great flight.

The things I learned at Ad-Tech New Delhi 2016

Every trade show I think about what I could have done to either connect with more people or be more effective when at the booth. I’m a pure case of ADD to the extreme, so to keep my attention you better have something great and talk super fast like me with excitement in your voice!

My takeaway from this show was business cards.
So many people do not take the time to design one that even says what they do. In addition, most people do not put much thought into the people contacting them. They use odd sounding domains. Is this an I or a L? Especially ones with a multitude of those things. It may sound cute to you, but it’s a pain in the ass to spell.

Lastly why not keep it simple? or, etc. Why use your first and last name when again, if it’s one of those long or unique names like mine, you’re bound for a typo and a bounce hence a lost opportunity. On my flight from India to Singapore I sent 72 follow up emails from the show. Of which 6 bounced, 2 mailboxes full and 4 of them I must have misspelled the long stupid domain they thought was cool.

Can’t wait for Thursday!

After an 8 month break, my awesome filly ‘discatsonthesquare’ will resume her racing career at Santa Anita park this month. I am very excited to see her race again. Her younger sister ‘dis smart cat’ will have her debut race at Santa Anita Thursday. She’s just as fast as her sister and an amazing animal. You can watch the race live on

What am I buying?

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