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Clickfather Update: LeadsCon, $4000 Given away in suite….March Madness time!

LeadsCon, $4000 Given away in suite….March Madness time!

I love this time of year as I can sit at my desk and watch college basketball while I work :)The unpredictability combined with raw emotion is a great thing to watch.

Here’s a look at my newest office setup…

Facebook wants to be LinkedIn?

Today as I was messaging someone about a post on the super affiliate board I got this:

Pretty cool Facebook! It also made me notice I had a another box for messages called “other” that I never knew that before it was loaded with messages and solicitations πŸ™‚

They are also said to be testing “extreme price point” of up to $100 a message to reach people like Mark Zuckerberg.


Although I am not a supporter of pirated content, I do believe we are slowly giving away all our rights. In the past few weeks several cable providers put into effect a new system.

Following the demise of proposed anti-piracy laws SOPA and PIPA, five Internet service providers (specifically AT&T, Cablevision Systems, Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Verizon) worked with the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and the Obama administration to create another set of protocols to stop digital pirates.

The result was the “Six Strikes” initiative, a program that allows Internet service providers (ISPs) to directly penalize users who downloaded pirated content. It is unclear how ISPs planned to punish the users; penalties could include anything from the following, according to the CCI’s official description of the Copyright Alert System:

Temporary reductions of Internet speeds, redirection to a landing page until the subscriber contacts the ISP to discuss the matter, or reviews and responds to some educational information about copyright, or other measures (as specified in published policies) that the ISP may deem necessary to help resolve the matter.Rules laid out by top service providers so far have offered a few more details on the penalties that could result for offenders.

Verizon recently announced it would throttle offenders’ Internet speeds without saying by how much. Time Warner Cable on November 15th said that it would restrict repeat offenders’ Internet browsing “by directing them to a landing page” without specifying “for how long users will be restricted to the landing page or what websites they will be able to reach, if any,” according to Torrent Freak. And AT&T, in a leaked internal training memo published by Torrent Freak, said it would block customer access to frequently visited websites “until they complete an online copyright course;” the company did not say, however, what the course will entail or which websites will be blocked. Crazy…

Yahoo CEO taking “from home”
workers back into the office.

Having done both working from home and also running a large 35 person office in Las Vegas I can say both have their respective pros and cons. I understand why Yahoo! needed to do this, as it was reported many employees were just slacking off and working on side projects. It takes someone very disciplined to be effective working full time from home. If you work from home and you are not doing well or not as successful as you want to be get an office structure can be good!

LeadsCon And March Madness…oh yeah!

Starting today, March 18th the team from Xy7Elite is out at Leadscon in full force Tuesday & Wednesday. We are hosting a March Madness hospitality suite with all the fun you have come to expect from previous XY7Elite events. Plus we are giving away over $4000 in prizes! Including a signed 2010 Dallas Mavericks ball worth over $900!

You can RSVP here!


Important Legal Tip:
FTC Updates Advertising Disclosure Guidelines

If you are advertising online you need to know that the FTC has just released Dot Com Discourses. Please take tiem and review this as it effects all of us in online advertising. To be informed is your best defense.
You can find the full document here

Another Famous Xy7Elite Giveaway!

Not since the first generation iPad has there been a piece of technology that excited me…Not of course until I saw previews of the Samsung Galaxy S4. It’s a super slick phone for someone that travels like me. It allows you to navigate the phone with just eye movements! Also has some great features like real time phone translation and a large 5″ screen. It is due To ship on the tail end of April. Demand will surely be extreme!

Now for the fun part…

The “never take no for an answer” team here at have located a source to get us these phones unlocked for any carrier. We will have them on
hand the same day they hit stores!

How do you qualify?

  • Once you hit just $10,000 in commissions from now until the end of April it’s yours! (One per Affiliate)
  • As usual we are more interested in gaining a loyal long-term affiliate trying a new offer they have not run before than just putting up a contest with unrealistic goals.
  • Will we lose money on this? 1000% YES! – Do we care? NO! πŸ™‚
  • The only requirement is that you run an offer you have not run in the past 6 months with us that’s it!


Need offers to check out? Here are some examples of some new & hot offers…



  • 245825 – EXCLUSIVE ZIP SUBMIT: 24 Hour Car Insurance – EMAIL ONLY
  • 245824 – EXCLUSIVE ZIP SUBMIT: 24 Hour Car Insurance – SEARCH & SOCIAL
  • 238757 – Email Submit: $100 Dunkin Donuts Gift Card – WAP
  • 245138 – Email Submit: Burger King or McDonalds – $100 Gift Card – WAP

You MUST fill out this qualification
form before you are eligible.

For more details on these offers and other great offers, contact one your account manager today!

Until next time,
The ClickFather

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