Happy New Year!!

2013 is HERE!!

With the New Year here, we have made some huge improvements
to the family of Rapid Response Marketing sites.Check out to see our newest version of our corporate site just launched! Use it to learn about our several divisions and to get it touch with us.

Facebook’s ads are cheaper when buying male targeted traffic.

It could cost you up to 30% less!

Huge announcement coming at Affiliate Summit in Vegas; here’s a taste…

I am currently working very closely with a company on a Facebook ad exchange where my buyers can get Facebook at a flat rate along with reviving a deal from 2010 that gave Affiliates and media buyers over $400,000 a month in FREE traffic.

Pulse 360…what a joke!

Is business that bad they have to do this?I get an email from pulse360 that reads:

Hello Kevin,

Since your campaign didn’t meet the required minimum monthly spend of $10 this month, we’ve deducted money from your account to make up the difference.

Amount spent last month: $0.00

Amount deducted: $10.00

For more information about the minimum monthly spend, please review our Advertiser Terms and Conditions.

And to keep your campaign running at full steam, use the Payment tab in the Pulse 360 Advertiser Center to check your balance and add funds.

If you have any questions or would like extra personal attention, our Client Services Team is ready to help. It’s easy to reach us:


Phone: 1-866-94-PULSE (1-866-947-8573), M-F 8am-8pm ET.

Thank you,

The Pulse 360 Team

Desperate? I guess so. I logged in and noticed they have been taking $10 a month for months. What a shame, instead of hiring talented account executives and getting people to test they instead will make money with “junk fees” wonder if the people running it come from the mortgage industry?

Why I believe mobile is starting to surge in a BIG WAY

There was a huge spike this holiday season in people shopping from their mobile device. I have heard accounts as high as 11% of all black Friday online sales were done on either an iPhone or an iPad! Amazing huh?If you have not gotten in on Mobile ad buying now is the time. Margins are huge and traffic is plentiful. Need advice? Just aim me or…


Mobile insider meeting in Las Vegas

We will be hosting our second annual Mobile meet up at ASW at a secret location. It is only for 40 people and full of amazing insider information. If you are a proven media buyer and would like to be considered for an invite, please email


Mobile ads had a significant impact on Election:

I read several accounts of how mobile ads especially in key battleground states in late Oct and November had a huge impact in the elections with some videos getting a click through rate of as high as 19%! Face it, mobile marketing is here to stay.

Negotiating Tip

Act as if you have nothing to lose.Any great poker player will tell you when you bring emotion into a situation and show it, you are at a huge disadvantage. The same holds true when negotiating. If you take the “I have nothing to lose” attitude, then you will never be emotionally attached to any deal. No matter how badly you want a deal you should never let the other party know! When someone does let me know in a negotiation I use it to my full advantage. Beware! It is a real part of my success when negotiating.

**side note
Do not mistake this advice for a reason to exude cockiness or be insulting. You need to come across as whether the deals happen or not, you will be the same person and it is not really important.

Affiliate Summit 2013

As usual, the Xy7 Elite and Direct-calls team will be hosting our Super Affiliates in our city, Fabulous Las Vegas. To set up a meeting, click here.We also will be holding a private cocktail reception for our Super Affiliates on Monday from 6 PM to 8 PM in our suite at Caesars palace to request a rsvp please contact

I’m sorry Ms. Jackson…

If you remember OutKast then of course you remember BIG BOI from OutKast. He will be performing at the Affiliate Ball on Monday night and XY7 Elite has 2 tables reserved for its Super Affiliates. Wanna get on the list? Email us here

OMG, I died…wait someone said I did?

Check out this article about a glitch on Facebook that allows you to report anyone DEAD

Until next time,
The ClickFather

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