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This will make it 12 years in a row! HO HO HO

This will make it 12 years in a row!
For the past 12 years my family and I have made it a tradition to give generously to the KLUC toy drive. I am very passionate about kids getting into the spirit of the holidays no matter what hardships their families may face throughout the year. The holiday seasons a magical time for children and adults alike.

Let me give you some background on it

Every year on about the first week in December Chet Buchanan (a local Las Vegas DJ) lives atop a 30 ft scaffold in a tent with his dog for 12 days to raise money for local kids to have a Christmas. Chet ends up collecting 12-20 giagantic trucks filled to the brim with toys that are then brought to a “storefront” where parents that have asked for assistance are given vouchers which allows them to “shop” for a gift for thier child or children, truly a great cause in my opinion.

As a side note of interest, in Las Vegas Chet has managed to surpass the raising capabilities of Toys For Tots and the Salvation Army combined! He is a real hero of the community and to thousands of families that would not have a Christmas without this drive.
Each year I challenge fellow Internet Marketers that have done well for themselves and also other networks to donate to their local charity. It really does not matter which charity just know how fortunate you are and give something back to the less fortunate. I assure you it will come back to you many times over. If not in money then in Karma.

Wanna join me and my family in the Kluc Toy Drive?

All affiliates can be part of it! All you need to do is run traffic as most of you are already doing anyway.

Here is how it works

For every dollar we pay out to Affiliates of and from Dec 1, 2010 to Dec 10, 2010, we will match a certain percentage. Then from Affcon 2010 next week I will overnight a check to the toy drive on behalf of Xy7 and It’s Affiliates.

You can follow the toy drive live via the web starting today Dec 2nd at

Stream it for an hr or 2…

AffCon 2010 is next week!

Yours truly will be speaking at Affcon 2010 next week in Miami. If you have not had a chance to check it out you should as it is the only convention where Affiliates can attend for FREE.

If you plan on being down there please drop me an email. I will be holding a few one on one training sessions with affiliates on advanced media buying techniques.

Media buyer mentoring update

Two of my students are now averaging $500 a day in commissions, not too bad for only a few weeks of training. Great job guys lets keep increasing daily…

Closed Beta on Pay Per Call

We have closed the beta program on pay per call with 17 accepted publishers. If you would like to be on the invite list on hard launch this Monday December 6th please email me

Several of the pay per call campaigns have initial caps so it will be advisable to get in early and lock those new campaigns up.

What I am buying this week – on Display in several countries including the U.S.

Medicare – suppliment on Facebook

Criminal Justicemobi – on Social

Mobile Spy – on Myads and display (New software Carrier approved and new landing page) – on Display and search

Still giving away MacBook Airs

So far the record for an Affiliate winning one is just under 9 hrs…the great news is that it does not matter if it takes tyou a day or all month! Hit $15,000 in commissions this month and take home one of these!

Happy Holidays!

-The ClickFather


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