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ClickFather Update Friday 10-08-10

Facebook Answered……not really

After over  2 weeks and more than one email to them  I got a Facebook response today on this issue.…. ……just instructing me to jump through additional hoops :(   it read:

Hi Kevin,

I spoke with several departments and was able to find the correct department to direct you to. Please email:

Thank you for your inquiry.

Kind regards,


So I just emailed them the same email I sent “Taylin” 2 weeks ago=. you would think “Taylin could have just fwd my request right?  . I will update all as I get a response



over this past  weekend  first reported 10-02-10

Several of our Affiliates have reported a large click bot attack on

This came to my attention first on Saturday night as one of our internal buyers was served over $1200 in fraudulent clicks. I am certain that myads and their very competent team will address all concerns and get it fixed.

Yahoo’s Changing….and quick

I just got an update on the Yahoo/Msn Alliance and it seems as though starting tomorrow they are going to do a test of 100% traffic coming from msn to yahoo advertisers for a span of 2 to 4 hours to test if the servers will be bale to handle the switchover unfortunatleuy alot of what they are saying is concerning here are the most concerning points I see:

a)      Click Volume – As the adCenter algorithm is focused more on landing page quality and relevance than the Panama system is, certain ads may be filtered out of the marketplace altogether if they do not meet the minimum threshold of LP quality. Because of this you may experience some decreases in volume when compared to what you were receiving on Yahoo!

b)      CPCs – Our analysis over the past couple of months indicate that CPCs may rise a bit given the fact that the marketplace will be more competitive and contain a larger advertiser base. Please make sure your bidding strategies are aligned accordingly…..

I personally buy about 2 million dollars a year on Yahoo! so it will be interesting to see what happens here…

Has been on Fire with new and exciting offers.

Madden NFL  2010 to run on social traffic

Yeah we got it…

Mobile Spy, That too

An email offer with a 17% conversion?…got that too

Not running with Xy7 or Xy7elite?  Change that now drop me a line let’s get you rolling.

Aim roidealsdaily

Call 702-216-4012

-The ClickFather â„¢

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  1. Update: Today 10-08-10 Myads got back to me and offered 100% credit on all 3 of my affected accounts…as expected they delivered when it matters most! Thanks to Monet, David and Nick you guys rock!

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