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The Value of seeing someone’s expression and reading their body language is not possible through email or even really through Skype.

4 days 2 countries 13,500 miles…as I am writing this I have slept a total of 3 hrs in the last 50. Doing what it takes and going the extra mile is something that many people can recite but few live by.

In this age of information overload and instant communication, we seem to forget power of the art of actually “sitting down” to a lunch or dinner with a client most face to face meetings have gone by the wayside. Sure you can now Skype and video conference, but that in my opinion still does not replace a real face to face meeting. In my trip I was able to uncover my client’s hobbies, likes, dislikes, challenges, talk about goal setting with an entire team and meet with behind the scenes people I would have never known existed. Do not overlook the power in this. “Successful people do what unsuccessful people are unwilling to do.” That is the quote I use in all my emails and in my case means booking a last minute, drop everything flight to Geneva to meet with a client.

My flight coming home all in was about 20 hrs of traveling so I did get to absorb two books. The first it a book called About Face by Dan Hill. I highly recommend reading this if you enjoy the psychological aspect of marketing.

I also read, Positioning, The battle for your mind.

Here is an awesome take away from that book to ponder.

The mind accepts only that which matches prior knowledge or experience.

So when writing ad copy consider if you are giving facts that are not familiar to your readers, they may lose interest rather easily.


All that non Internet downtime also allowed me to watch 6 episodes of “Mad Men” If you have not seen it download it off ITunes. It is based on a marketing company in the 60’s. It is very entertaining and you may get some good tips from it that you can apply to today’s marketing.

Speaking of face to face…I have 2 hospitality suites open from 9 am to 5 pm both show days. If you would like to set up a few minutes to chat just drop me an email.

Mobile Affiliates – !!ALERT!!
The market is changing…AGAIN

The market is once again changing in mobile. Luckily I have a full team in place to help you navigate through it. If you are a US or worldwide Affiliate that specializes in Mobile, WAP, IQ Quiz or Pay Per Call please contact Aaron and his team can assist you in finding the right offer. We currently have over 45 NEW Mobile offers available, but because of regulation you will never know about them unless you speak to Aaron

We as a group are not exhibiting this year, instead we are running our now very popular cocktail parties on day one (Tuesday, April 12th) and Day two (Wednesday, April 13th). It is an awesome place to come and meet some of the top media buyers in the country along with myself The ClickFather™ and my awesome team. Cocktail Party



     (702) 328-3211


     Tuesday, April 12th & Wednesday, April 13th

     5:30 PM to 9:00 PM


     Handlery Union Square Hotel

     351 Geary St. San Francisco, CA 94102

Click here to RSVP

Shhhh….Think you got what it takes to make the Elite Bus?

We are also holding a private wine tour on Monday April 11th starting at 10:30AM for 40 of our biggest Affiliates and media buyers. I have 4 seats left. If you think you should be on that bus and will be in town on Monday, drop me an email and tell me WHY you should be on the bus. The best 4 reasons I get will get a seat on the all day all expenses paid trip to Napa. Forget the wine or the knowledge you will gain rubbing elbows with the most elite in the space, this will be unparallel to anything you have experienced. No networks! No advertisers! Only true Affiliates & Media Buyers. Email

More Parties!

Want the scoop on all the parties during Ad:tech? If you have an iPhone there is now an app for that! Its called
“Party Time” and it’s available in the ITunes App Store. It’s a great way to know what is going on during Ad:tech…use it!

Here are some new and top offers…

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We have 5 different offers: People, Men’s Health, O – the Oprah Magazine, Cosmo and Sports Illustrated

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Gisele’s Sejaa Skin Care Kit

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Dish Network Long Form

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Rogaine – Email only

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