Ad Tech San Fran Recap and new traffic sources + tools

Ad Tech San Fran Recap &
New Traffic Sources + Tools


We started our week in San Francisco by hosting a wine country tour for some key Affiliates/Media buyers and Alliance partners…and it was great!
Thanks to all that attended including Mike and Kendra from Ndemand Affiliates, Ninfa, Barb, Phoenix, Ian Fernando, NJ and many others including our entertainment…LOU from

The conversation was relaxed, but make no mistake it was all business. We discussed changes in traffic patterns, how to find out if the traffic you are buying is real with as little as a few clicks and also got to see how some large buyers used to do analysis of opportunities.
Also check out as it is a really cool real time ad engine and its free!

The Social Network 2?

Well looks like another lawsuit has just surfaced. This gent claims he lent Zuck $2000 for 50% of facebook. If this is true he is the most successful tech investor of all time 🙂 You can read more here if you like.

Media Buy Update

I am back testing for WhoSearchingForYou, new multiplayer games and also a few dating apps.

I am also buying quite a bit of MSN and Yahoo search on assorted campaigns including one field auto insurance and

Testing Social Scout: So far vey disappointing. Tons of “traffic” but possibly tons of bots as I put up proven campaigns and got horrible results. I am continuing to test and will report further results as they become available.

Domain Redirect Traffic
**THIS JUST IN** Opportunity Alert

I am currently tied into one of the largest portfolios in the world, representing over 7 million US uniques and over 20 million foreign uniques a day. If you have any experience in monetizing this type of traffic, please reach out to me as we can do a JV or straight up sell you this traffic.

People like to play games…

XY7 just added 7 new game offers. These take display, search and social.

#4499 – Shaiya Online Game – AUS

#4501 – Shaiya Online Game – USA & CA

#4503 – Shaiya Online Game – UK

#4504 – Shaiya Online Game – Finland, Norway, Germany, Sweden

#4497 – Kingdom Heroes

#4496 – Grand Fantasia

#4498 – Last Chaos

Education is Changing Again

It seems regulations are getting tougher and tougher on driving education leads which is good for those that play by the rules and know how to monetize.

If you have run education offers before like Nursing, Game Design or Criminal Justice, please reach out to me as the new regulations have thinned the market thus making it much cheaper to buy quality traffic.

Buy Gold Buy Silver!!

Obviously staying ahead of the curve is something I pride myself in, as it has shown me tremendous results both personally and in business. I am sure you are hearing quite a bit of people saying ”the dollar will collapse in the next year.” What does that mean? Well here is a video to help explain it. I must caution you these guys may be a bit extreme although since I viewed it 3 weeks ago I have consulted with many top investors and traders and I get the same answer every time, “yes, it is already happening.” So, be diligent and understand the world around you and the economy. I know it can be easy to get wrapped up in our online world. Even though I consume most my media online. I still make it a point to watch CNBC at least once a week to really understand what others think. I then take that data and cross check it with Google and supporting articles. Although I will not disclose my personal strategy I can tell you I have made some major changes to my investments to hedge against the collapse of the dollar.

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