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Black Friday….

Thanksgiving brings about many opportunities. The opportunity to spend time with loved ones, Eat and over indulge, and for marketers like myself the opportunity to test your marketing know how against some of the brightest in this space. (We measure this by effective epc based on our ctr of ads)

A lot cheerier Black Friday in the forecast!

After reading the latest forecast from the National Retail Foundation here are some key points I took from it:

The latest forecasts indicate as many as 138 million shoppers will brave the crowds on Friday am up about 4 million from last year!
Per-person spending on gifts will also rise for the first time since 2007, with people budgeting $688 this year, $7 more than last. That’s still nowhere near the $755 they spent in 2007, but it indicates that consumer confidence is returning, if slowly

SearchIgnite says that retailers have upped their paid search spending online by 36.7 percent in recent weeks in anticipation of Black Friday. This will be even more interesting as many advertisers are still reeling from the search alliance merger that left many businesses with little to no search traffic.

On our end we have been working until 2-3 am every day since last Tuesday the 16th on launching our newest Penny auction offer JUST IN TIME for Black Friday….

Here’s the deal:
Effective this morning we put it live, with a Black Friday theme after the user logs in . Check out this masterpeice
On Xy7 and Xy7Elite it is called the same thing
HOT*** USA and International Penny Auction!

Payout $55.00 on ANY bid pack
And before you ask……YES! these sales qualify towards earning a Mac book Air this month details:

MacBook Air or iPad Both are free to qualifying Xy7 Affiliates!

Coupon Codes To Use
These coupon codes give the users an extra 10 bids on any bid pack bought
use them in your banners, email or in search

BLACKFRIDAY2010” Valid until the 23rd of Dec

CYBERMONDAY” Valid until the 11th of Jan

HOHOHO2010” Valid until the 4th of Jan
Feel free to make your own advertorial page just please stick to facts…the difference between an advertorial page and a flog is the advertorial has facts and also lets people know it is an advertisement. . if you need testimonails let me know we have tons of them for you.

Top 7 reasons why you need to be running Penny Auction this holiday season though Xy7 and

We pay every Affiliate generating over 50 sales a week weekly on this.

Our Penny Auction offer takes TWENTY  countries and the pixel fires on ANY sale (even $25)

We only deal with the most ethical companies in this space so you can be assured your consumer experience will be a positve one.

We guarantee payment so no worries about an advertiser going bad after you have invested a ton of time and money  in building the campaign. If you have been following my posts on you know we are very well versed in this space with hundreds of hours invested in learning and understanding the good and bad players.

We have exclusive coupon codes, Dynamic banners that show live auctions in real time and insight you will not find with any other partner plus with us on your first $15,000 in revenue we rush  you a MacBook Air!

We are “Traffic Junkies” be rest assured while you will be eating turkey our staff of media buyers will be actively looking at stats on a twice hourly basis to make sure you are converting properly. Most of my am’s will be on aim and available on cell and Skype as well.
I am 100% personally available as well  Aim Roidealsdaily  Skype kdevincenzi

I also put several other offers live for the holidays that I wil Announce in a Friday update as i feel this offer needs to be showcased all by itself.

Happy Thanksgiving and THANK YOU to all my loyal Affiliates.

-The ClickFather â„¢

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