AdTech, Pepsi Max Commercial…What a week!

It all started last Monday on an overnight flight to JFK landing at 5:45 am. I had a quick breakfast at my dads home in NJ and then went to  go check in at the W

Our booth location was awesome! We were place directly in front  at the entrance and with Google to our left.

after doing these shows since 2003 just attending the parties becomes an event It is always a pleasure to meet new Affiliates and Advertisers and catch up with old friends.

Here are the deals you have to look forward to coming out of Ad Tech NYC 2010


Exclusive Illumi Brite tray featuring “the most beautiful model in the world” Joanna Krupa

Takes Email, Display, Banner, PPV  and Advertorial traffic.  It is set up as select so you need to apply to run it.

Now $40 to all Affiliates….

It is on Xy7 and Elite!


Smart Date with Facebook connect. these are awesome because they pay on the simple signup and the user can use Facebook connect to

targeted at these 3 states
get paid $4 for a Facebook app install go to and search
“smart Date”


144330  – Flycell USA


A few display publishers have asked for this specific page so we got it payout $12

and over 16 others went live yesterday/today please log into your account to see what’s new.

Going Live later this week:

New Penny Auction paying $75 for ANY bid pack sale including $29.95

Our own senior living/ Assisted Living offer with a strong backend allowing us to have the highest payout and no cap on this offer.


Addictons are tough things to break, ask any ex addict and they will tell you  that once you are an addict you are in recovery for the rest of your life.

I was a heavy smoker for almost 14 years, I quit cold turkey one day and never looked back. I also removed myself from any situation that would prompt me to wwant a cigarrette like talking outside on my phone or playing blackjack.

I an a traffic and monetization  addict I may even label myself a junkie, even though I have publicly sworn off Facebook and even though they still have not resolved my open issue I find myself drawn to attemptping to try it again as it is so hard to ignore an audience size of 500 million. So I started testing again…

Here is what I am testing..
Criminal Justice short form

Demo Male 18-35

conversion goal 4-7%

So far I am converting right in between 3 and 5% as I am continuing to tweak and refine my ads. (this deal is a private offer if you want to be apply to run this or any of our other 30+EDU campaigns please contact Rhianna aim: freshleadsdrus or


10:05 pm Tuesday night as I write this I have found a batch of traffic coming in fast at less than 40 cents a click…spent $387.20 return is $561… on I just upped my budget to $25,ooo for the overnight :)past hr 186 clicks 12 leads conversion 7%….this could be fun 🙂

Also I am building out ads on Smart Date

I love offers that pay  on facebook connect. I am testing France and Usa, once I get those scaled up (by Thurs or Fri ) I will then move to the Belgium ones.

If you are interested in these just go to and apply for them under “request offers” they will also be on Xy7 by Wed for all Affiliates.

Media buyer update:

All trainees are working on as a primary campaign now as we have a high 6 figure budget to fill in November. I have also now matched 2 of my proteges with experienced media buyers so they could combine thier smarts and know-how to really start expanding on thier buys and acheiveing even more success…

Pepsi Max commecial!

Adding to the craziness of just geting back from Ad Tech was we allowed some friends from the team to film a Pepsi commercial in my vacation home in Beverly Hills Ca. What I thought would be a quick filimg started at 530 am and went until 8 that evening. It was awesome as they featured Acadamy Award winner Ernest Borgnine You can watch the commercial here

Have a great rest of the  week.

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