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Screw me once shame on you, screw me twice shame on me…

My first run in with was a couple of years ago. I went on and hired someone for an hourly job and it was on a Sunday which ironically was the cutoff day for the week. This schmuck knew how to beat the system he logged in and stayed logged in for 14 hrs straight going right under my maximum allowed and then logged out. I immediately caught it, looked at the recordings and saw this guy logged in, did nothing and just let it sit there with the clock running. I emailed Vworker immediately to dispute and let them know they had a straight up fraudulent contract worker on their literally stealing money from people. I got an email back stating,”You need to wait until the bill is sent on Tuesday and then dispute it” how ridiculous huh? A stupid system, here I am with a fraudster caught red handed and they are telling me to wait till Tues? I absolutely hate companies that forget without customers they are nothing. of course being as busy as I always am Tuesday came and went and I saw a reminder on Thursday so I went in to click the review link again only to be greeted by a new message “We are sorry but you can longer dispute any hours during this time period. So again I emailed them and this time they told me “sorry you had 24 hrs to dispute in on Tuesday… I ended up paying this fraudulent bill……to say the least I was really pissed off and disgusted that fraud could be allowed to thrive and that the management of Vworker did not really even care! Fast forward 2 years or so later. We needed an asp programmer to work on some code on one of the sites we recently acquired so I went back into Vworker thinking well heck., I am sure they got better right? I posted up the job, reviewed applications and decided on a candidate to hire at that point Vworker asked for a $500 deposit which I was leery to do but did. After making the deposit they asked me to verify 2 small charges in addition to the $500charge I made to do a “strep 2 verification” (none of this was disclosed to me before getting caught in this loop and now I was stuck until these 2 charges showed up on Amex I could not move forward…how silly. 2 days, 3 days no charges so I called Vworker got a voicemail, emailed no response another 2 days…nothing Finally on day 6 I got a call from Vworker saying they had an issue with their system and to check my account now..I told them “too late, I do not want your service. Refund my $500,” the guy rudely responded saying “well then you need to sign a document as we are charging you 3% for the refund.” I hung up on him…. I should have know the first time when a company foundation is not built on customer service stay FAR away as your consumer experience will not be what you expect. Think about the top companies right now Zappos, Amazon, Apple all provide an exceptional customer experience and know how to “wow” a consumer from start to finish they get it.

Summer lovin’…

I love the summer! Acquisitions, new products, you name it we are doing it!

This has been a crazy 2 months for us as we purchased a daily deals company, which has brought me back into retail sales. In house we are handling everything at the moment from marketing to customer service to shipping the actual product.

Several people have asked me “since you are so successful why would you take on a project like this and do all the work yourself?” &”Can’t you hire people?” the answer is simple unless you dig in yourself and master something how can you properly teach it? In addition we have gained so much valuable customer input by talking to people that we now know what these customers want and have built some great trust among the first customers. I am also utilizing to record user sessions and watch where they click and how they interact with the site along with to provide live one on one support. We now are accepting a limited amount of seasoned daily deal affiliates who want to promote this offer. If you are interested hit me up.

Can I come to your country…and once I make money leave?

For years Facebook has gotten away with playing by their own rules. This latest move by one of its founders is the ultimate slap in the face to America. So basically Eduardo Saverin got to come here to the “land of opportunity” to get an education, prosper and live the American dream and now that he has the ultimate payoff coming he decides instead of giving back to America and paying taxes on profit just like every American has to he is denouncing his citizenship?” WOW…what a punk. I heard that the IRS is going to attempt to establish he has done this just to avoid “substantial taxes,” and if that is determined he will still be liable. Also, if the Attorney General rules that he moved to avoid taxes he may be denied reentry into the US for good. In my opinion they should just deny him a visa to ever come back just for trying this stunt. Really pisses me off as I pay all my taxes and am happy when there are profits. Do I like to pay taxes? …no but I do understand it is part of being in America and an American…YES!

What message does it send when people like Eduardo Saverin publicly show others how they do not feel they need to play by the rules? And what additional backlash will happen as others figure “screw it, he did I should as well” Use America’s laws, infrastructure, free society, freedom of speech, entrepreneurial culture and openness to create a booming business, then hide all of the money that the culture allowed you to make overseas. Would he still be a multi millionaire if he paid his taxes? Of course he would. Would his money help pay for the roads, bridges, fire fighters, police and army that helped to keep him safe while he was here? Of course it would.

Go try to start a Facebook from scratch in Russia, China or North Korea…

Step right up…and Draw Something!

We also just launched a new HOT product called Draw Anything Better™. is a smart pen that we had manufactured for us that works great on many games for your iPhone, iPad and any smart phone. The marketing strategy on this product is we are taking it to the streets by placing it in over 150 retail locations nationwide and opening a booth at the LA County fair to push the product out to about 1.5 million consumers! Yours truly will personally be setting it up and working the booth on several days. Stop by and say hi!

Xy7 Ad Optimizer now works on all systems!

AdOptimizer v2 is now available and now works on all tracking systems! To request a demo go to All Active Affiliates get the first 30 days FREE!

Get more details on!

Buying again on Facebook

As predicted due to investor pressures to make money, Facebook once going public would loosen up on ad approvals and are they ever!
If you have not tried Facebook ads in a bit I highly suggest you try them again.
One of my accounts has had 73 consecutive ad approvals in a row. Although I am not running “banned” topics I have started to get more aggressive using user attributes like {city} targeting (which for some time was banned) and getting them approved.

Meet us at Affiliate Summit and LeadsCon in NYC

July 24 – 25 for LeadsCon & August 12-14 for Affiliate summit,
we’ll be there looking to meet with you!

For info on setting up a meeting with us, contact us at
and we can setup a meeting while we’re in town.

I just wanted to remind you that if you want one place to see all the public offers on xy7elite you can do so by going to, it is a constantly updated feed of our current offers. Not finding what you are looking for? Hit me up we may have it privately for you.

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