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Clickfather Update – 4/11/2012

ClickFather Update – 4-11-12

Took some time off…

Well I had all the plans made and tickets booked, I updated my Facebook status and in 10 hrs I was heading to Fiji to sit for 12 days and relax in a private resort with only 4 other rooms total. The trip would start with a 10.5 hr flight and then private helicopter transfer to the remote private area of the island. Sounds great huh? Then it hit me, why not take this time to do something more for myself rather than hanging out at resort, eating fattening foods and consuming tons of sugary specialty drinks! So, I cancelled my room and flight and booked a week at “la Rancho Puerta” in Tecate Mexico! Total opposite of Fiji, I woke up each morning a little after 6 am and did a nice hike on several trails and then sat down to a low calorie breakfast before choosing one of many exercise classes to attend. It was a great week to reflect, eat right and get back on track for the rest of the year. I wore a pedometer all week and made a point to do no less than 17,000 steps a day. Being in Internet Marketing makes it very easy to just sit back and not do anything physical. I am back on track and happy for it.

The ugly side of Affiliate Marketing

I often think of Affiliate marketing as a place where criminals and scumbags converge to as the level of accountability is minimal at best and the level of entry is still easy.

In my 14 years doing this I have run into all sorts of people some amazing, and some that you want to take a shower after meeting as they are so dirty in every aspect.

I’ve taken some huge financial hits over the years from choosing to do business with scumbags. Some of them were blindsides (media buyer racking up $140,000 in non business charges on my Centurion account). I also have
been circumvented over a dozen times many times to the tune of over a Million dollars and I have had 2 close friends royally screw me for millions. Because I am so resilient it does not even bother me anymore. What I have learned from each experience now shapes my daily business decisions. My advice is to be diligent and choose your associations carefully. There are a lot of hustlers and big talkers out there. Do your homework you will be glad you did.

Check Those Seals…Affiliate Network Fraud Warning

Last week our compliance team was alerted by an Affiliate of a handful of newer Affiliate sites they found having seals from places like the Better Business Bureau, The Email Experience Council and the DMA. The Affiliate felt that something was not right so he emailed those organizations directly and guess what? The Networks had absolutely no right to display those logos as they were not members now, or in the past. Here’s the point: A company that will go to great lengths like this just to fool you into trusting them is someone you should be very leery of doing business with. Please check your seals and claims and if something is not right email the organization whose seal is displayed and ask.

Best places to buy mobile traffic

I have listed my top 4 places to buy mobile app and also click to call traffic.

  • (keyword bidding only)
  • MSN Mobile: Lower traffic, super charged ROI
  • Adwords: It’s easy to make a 100%+ ROI on click to call campaigns.
    (the most targeted traffic out there and still fairly “cheap”)
  • AT&T Interactive: Ultra high bid prices, Quality calls

Team Up!

It seems like many people have what I will call half a house…… Some people have a hammer, nails and wood while others have a great foundation in which to build on. Solution? Team up!

If you think you have only half of what you need to take it to the next level and become one of the elite publishers in the game then let me know and I will do my best to match you with someone that has what you are missing. It may be technical, financial, or something else.

Please do not mistake this as a mentoring program, it is not. This is for people that feel they need someone to work with to get to the next level. Each applicant will be thoroughly vetted so please be prepared to prove to my team who you are and what you bring to the table. Send inquiries to

The ClickFather™ makes you an offer you can’t refuse….

I really am an international traffic connoisseur

For over 8 years I have been monetizing redirect traffic from a variety of sources. If you have traffic in any country give it to me for 3 hrs and I will make you an offer on it on a CPM basis…

You have to read…

If you are a commodities trader you would be reading the daily futures reports and news. You are a traffic “investor” you buy traffic that you think will produce a positive ROI yet many of you do not hone your skills and stay abreast of what’s new and happening.

Here is my newest daily reading list:

Internet happenings relating to Internet Marketing. More on the agency side of things. I get some good inspiration here.

Performance Marketing Insider

Published several times a week and read by the Who’s who in our space. Excellent blog talking about industry news and can be highly controversial!

Stack That Money

A private, member’s only forum with a wealth of information. Split testing results and campaign ideas. A true MUST for any serious IM professional.

Check it at least once a week to see what sites are moving up the ranks it helps you identify trends and niches to buy.

LinkedIn groups I belong to

At a reader’s request here is a list of groups I belong to, many are open to join

  • Ad Serving Solution & Traffic Exchange
  • AdMob
  • CPA Advertising Association (Performance Based Advertising)
  • DoubleClick Exchange Experts
  • Green Affiliates
  • Internet Affiliate Marketers Association (IAMA)
  • Internet Marketing Executive Club (IMEC)
  • Mobiletain – Mobile Marketing SMB Education Group
  • Performance Marketing Insider – Performance and Affiliate Marketing

Facebook groups I am a member and/or admin of…

  • Pay Per Call
  • Super Affiliates
  • Performance Marketing Insider
  • Internet Advertising People that don’t pay
  • Mailer Meet Up

I am also a member of:

Executive Council of Performance Marketing (ECPM)

A very elite, C- level group of professionals tackling issues in our industry.
More info @

Want some motivation?

So I am sure most of you have heard of the app company OMGPOP. OMGPOP created its 36th app for Charles Forman’s group and it is reported that the company was almost out of money…

Zynga just bought their game for 180 million in cash! The moral of the story is in your life you’ve probably had a setback or two. When you stumble, it’s tempting the throw in the towel and accept defeat. There’s always an attractive excuse waiting eagerly, hoping you’ll take the easy way out. But the most successful people forge ahead. They realize that mistakes are simply data, providing new information to adjust your approach going forward. My favorite quote is Successful people do what unsuccessful people are unwilling to d…think about that for a few seconds… then go the extra mile and stay determined!

Want more? Join my new Facebook group called Motivation and goals.

Deals I am personally running and
looking for media buying partners on

  • Dating 40 plus on POF and FB, (niche super high payout)
  • Sh@rk Tank Pay per lead
  • New psychic offer Tupak on POF

Contact me if you are interested in running these.

Other fun tidbits

  • WD-40 was called that due to the previous 39 failed attempts
  • James Dyson (Vacuum maker) failed in over 5000 prototypes before he came up with the winning one
  • According to it’s CEO, Pinterest had very little success in it’s first year. Now they are one of the fastest growing websites in history

In the news!

Federal court tosses 2010 Colorado Amazon tax law

This is really good news for Affiliates.

Read more here: Federal court tosses 2010 Colorado Amazon tax law – The Denver Post

Retesting plenty Of Fish traffic

After several years I am testing it again on a variety of offers.
Working with Ben over there who has been really helpful! So far it is very promising on results. I will post details on next update.

Have a great April!

– The ClickFather

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