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The pricing games are over…..The Clickfather ™ raises the bar.

LeadsCon Vegas 2012

Once again I leave LeadsCon totally impressed with the quality of attendees at this show and of course great deals penned. As this market continues to mature the need to find real partners with sustainable traffic sources and also advertisers with good cash flow becomes not just a want but rather a necessity. If you have not checked out LeadsCon yet I highly recommend it.

One on one training, its back…

I have a limited amount of one on one media buying for pay per call trainings available in April. There is no charge for this. If you are interested please send me an email to with your reason as to why I should choose you. I am looking to train only committed, serious people that want to make a lot of money in this space.
I hear the The New iPad will be out this month. When it is released I will buy up as many as I can and give them away to Affiliates just as I did when the original iPad came out. Keep an eye out for it 🙂
Do you know what it is? Well it’s one of the fastest moving sites out there. Take a look and post your pics on your pin board. I have not figured out how to monetize it although I am studying these 2 sites as they have several high CRT images along with some pretty decent headlines…
Check out and

Shark Tank!

Do you watch Shark Tank?After watching shark tank for a couple of seasons my daughter and I came up with an idea that we are in the process of getting a prototype made and patented. Once the idea is safe to release I will let my readers know 🙂

Here it is…Right Priced ™ Offers!

Today we are introducing “Right pricing” on certain campaigns which will allow us to test your traffic and pay you what your traffic is truly worth.No more stopping you on a profitable campaign or games being played by your networks dropping rates after giving you an absurdly high rate to get your traffic (of course we would never do that anyway). The payout range will be listed and you must start at the listed rate….once you run 100 leads we will contact you with a “right price quote” most times it will be higher and sometimes it may be lower, regardless it will be your ongoing price for traffic. These are pre-negotiated ranges with our advertiser and based 100% on your actual quality of traffic.
If you are a quality publisher, no one will be able to compare to our payouts…guaranteed.

How do you find Right Priced campaigns on

When you log in, look for any campaign with the image next to it.
Here is a highlight of the top 4 “RP” campaigns

206222 – Get Local Dentist
Payout occurs when user completes all required fields found on page 1 and clicks “request a call”
**Right Priced ™ $5- $6.25 per lead!
Click here to see the landing page

196667 – Dating – Asian Beauties – CPL
Offer converts on the completed soft lead (first page)
**Right Priced ™ $5- $6.50 per lead
Click here to see the landing page
All social media is allowed EXCEPT Facebook!
Countries accepted:
Australia, Denmark, France, Belgium, Greece, Germany, New Zealand, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Spain, and United States

140491 – Quibids – Search & Display
Click here to see the landing page
Payout occurs on a user buying any bid pack
**Right Priced ™ $35- $41 per lead
USA Only.

206622 – Shopping Jobs **INCENT OK**
Click here to see the landing page
**Right Priced ™ $1.50- $2.50 per lead
User must confirm email address used during registration, fill out a survey then click around the website to get the offer to convert.

This is always a fun time of the year and when working for myself really shines in my mind as I can.
If you want to follow my brackets check out yahoo and user name The Clickfather.

– The ClickFather



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