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New Education Guidelines Laid Out In Simple Terms!

ClickFather Update – 9/14/2011

Monday Night Football is back!!

I just spent the past 30 hrs in Florida. I love having the freedom to take last minute trips anytime I want. So on Friday I got an invite to go to the New England @ Miami game and booked a flight. It was a great experience; besides tailgating and grilling I was one of the people pulling the huge American flag onto the field right before the game. Tons of fun and lots of camaraderie!

What you can and cannot say in Education marketing

I have personally been marketing education on Facebook and my ads for over 3 years. Recently I took a break on that vertical as new regulations took effect July 1, 2011 and the last thing I want to do is get involved in something I am unsure about. We should all know what is and is not right. Ambiguity is not something to play with especially when marketing as the consequences can be very large.
Peter Bordes of Media Trust (a company I personally drive traffic to) has put together a comprehensive list of what you can and cannot say. He gave me permission to reprint it here for you to read.In my opinion, Peter has here a very comprehensive list and great resource for everyone in education marketing. The best frame work of all the new compliance standards that are in place.

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