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Back From Affcon Miami, Toy Drive 2010 and Scrubs ClickFather Update 12-21-10

Back From Affcon Miami,
Toy Drive 2010 and Scrubs
ClickFather Update 12-21-10
Well it was another whirlwind trip!

I got to speak on two panels including an impromptu pool open forum I helped orchestrate on Friday night.

One of the disturbing things I kept hearing that evening was “networks scrub” that really bothered me as I know we use two tracking companies and neither have a scrub built in nor do we EVER front scrub offers. Filters are in place of course to ensure the publishers adhere to the campaign guidelines but that is it. So I adamantly refuted the claims that “all networks scrub.”

When networks or advertisers do scrub it can be deadly to your campaign and profitability. Here is a real life example of a publisher we brought on to run one deal (IQ Quiz). We originally took it from another network, “A”. Which is a very large network known for having these types of deals. Once we saw that stats were fluctuating way to much for normal traffic patters we moved it to our direct relationship we will call “AOR”. Here is the result you can judge for yourself…
Yes you are reading it right…over a 50% difference in stats. And guess what? Back end is EXACTLY the same so there is no excuse for this. The Affiliate upon seeing this was outraged and also enlightened that we caught it as now he has an ultra profitable campaign. My advice as a fellow media buyer, be careful and watch your numbers like a hawk, any fluctuation in epc or conversion over 1% question and look for patterns. A network’s job is to be the liaison between the advertiser and yourself. If the network you are dealing with is not doing a good job or just outright robbing you, MOVE as it will only get worse.


First one to adapt gets a big piece of the pie! The newest pie out there is Pay-Per-Call Advertising. Be outside the box and go carve a niche out for yourself. You will be happy you did. Go to and sign up before we close the second beta. You will be glad you did.

Myads Update

Myads has announced you can now run animated ads!
Now you can upload animated ads with these specs:

  • Animated .GIF Format (no .swf Flash format)
  • Max file size 30Kb
  • Animation stops in 15 seconds or less
  • No excessive blinking or effects

Face book Click Fraud update

Well, many people call me “Mr. Relentless” and here is why…I keep pushing until I get the desired result.

With Facebook I was not getting any result. As you know I mentioned in my post back in September the issue was that they displayed an error message to users on any ads using one of our tracking links ( The real challenge is that we were never told any of this and Facebook still approved ads using that link, and charged us and our Affiliates for thousands of dollars in clicks that went to the error page.

So today I got another letter after pressing (3 more emails) from their online sales operation person “Brandon” which read:

Hi Kevin,

I’ll be happy to help you with any questions you may have about Facebook Ads. Please describe the questions or issues you have in as much detail as possible, including any relevant URLs. More detailed information will help us further assist you.

If you are seeing an error page, please attach a screenshot. For instructions on how to take a screenshot, please visit the Facebook Help Center at:

For information on Known Issues currently affecting the site, please visit:

We hope to help you resolve this problem as soon as possible.



Online Sales Operations


I Replied:


Can we do this on a call? This is an issue that has been hindering us from buying a lot of traffic for over 3 months now and a very serious issue. The basic overview is that you are approving ads and charges for clicks while at the same time when a user clicks on an ad they see this:

“Sorry, the link you are trying to visit has been reported as abusive by Facebook users. To learn more about staying safe on the internet, visit our Security Page. You can also check out the malware and phishing Wikipedia articles.”

The challenge here is that link “” is one of many tracking links we and our 18,000 Affiliates use on to track links and by approving ads and then charging for clicks without letting us the advertisers know that you are blocking them would constitute click fraud on your end wouldn’t you agree?

My contact details are below. I can be reached anytime to discuss this. We would love to get it rectified, be assigned a rep and be able to buy traffic and spend once again large amounts of money with Facebook


Kevin De Vincenzi


Rapid Response Marketing LLC

UPDATE…On Friday I got this canned response…I give up 🙁

Hi Kevin,

We receive a large volume of incoming advertising requests on a daily basis. Because of this, we do all of our correspondence through email. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

You can visit our Help Center ( which may answer your more immediate questions.



Online Sales Operations


Amazing how they just do not get it or care…

2010 Kluc Toy drive!

I gotta hand it to Anthony, we had a plan that we had for 2 weeks. I was going to send him a check that he could bring down to the toy drive on Saturday, and on a whim I changed it and he went with it. Recruiting a buddy of his, foregoing Sunday football and renting a U-haul and shopping every Walmart he could to come up with 102 bikes for the KLUC toy drive from the Xy7 Family!

Traffic I am buying through the holidays

  • Running AOL Ad Desk pretty heavy now and AOL sponsored search on some text ads
  • DirectCPV (I just started to work on a few select campaigns) I will post more next year on cpv
  • Still testing (takes forever to get ads approved)
  • Paused as traffic quality has gone to the wayside. I will revisit in Jan
  • Facebook I paused again as well as I am working through the click fraud issue

Offers I am running

Although I will be around on AIM and working (hopefully from a tropical island),
this will be the last blog post of 2010

Happy Holidays to all my readers and here is to a even better 2011!

-The ClickFather


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