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Pure maddness!

It’s March Madness time!!



Here we go again!

March is a great time for me it is what I thought about when adding a huge plasma to my office a couple of years ago. Last year I had the pleasure of watching round one from Oklahoma with my buddies from Ndemdand affiliates. This year I will most likely watch round two live in California. So , If i seem distracted over aim for the next 2 weeks you will know why!

As I was watching some of the games this past weekend it really got me thinking about team work and how a team works so much better when they are all rowing in the same direction. When building a team whether it is 2 people or 2000 it is very important to make sure each person has a say in descisions and feels like they belong to the team. This strategy has helped our team dramatically become more effective which in turn makes everyone in the organization happier and wealthier 🙂

My Final Four prediction…

Sleeper to advance at least one round : UNLV

Twitter Marketing

Several people have asked me for advice on marketing on twitter. I personally use and have for over a year now. The key to it is not to overbid and to also understand how important your message is as a untargeted general message willl just get a ton of clicks and no conversions. The other thing I am doing is organically building niche twitter lists with a combination of retweets and follows.


I am sure you have heard about the Affiliate tax which has now been approved by another state. I truly believe this is supported by Wal M**T to drive out small business

Here is a good article from Offer Vault on it.



Want an Ipad 2 from Really easy to qualify!

Every 2 weeks I will release 5 new deals that will have this image next to them on Elite. All you have to do is run a toal of $10,000 in traffic on any of those offers and we automatically send you an iPad 2!
Here are the first 5 offers…
Offer ID: 156182 

Email Submit: AmericanPrizePanel – Beats by Dr. Dre Headphones

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CreditIDProtect – 3 Free Credit Scores + ID Protection

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Email Submit –

The degree you want for the income you want! Will pay after email submit.

Payout: $2.60

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Psychic Source Love

Where and when will love find you this year? Get 24/7 access to our gifted Psychics and Customer Service Center. Converts after the completed sale on the 2nd page.

Payout: $40.00

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EXCLUSIVE: 2 field Bizzop

Awesome 2 field bizzop pays on completion of page one.

Payout: $1.50

Ad Tech San Fran

If you are coming to Ad Tech San Francisco and wanna chat media.

Please email me The Xy7 Team will be there April 10th to 14th.


Want to own an offer?
Rev Share available on Cash Advance!

Ever think when you ran an offer, “Man they must be making a killing on my leads.”
Well now is your chance to see and take advantage of that!
We just put an offer live called “Cash Advance In 1 Hour.” It takes ALL traffic. Include incent. 

Here is the lander to look at

If you would like to be considered for this offer contact he can hook you up.
Facebook blocks domains UPDATE

For months on end I have been battling “click fraud” from Facebook I have emailed them numerous times and have to date not gotten a sufficient answer. Now I know why it is happening

It seems that Facebook subscribes to a email reporting service that lets them know in real time when a url has a complaint about the link being used in a unsolicited message. Clearly irrelevant in my opinion but I guess whoever sold them the service did a good job 🙂

The result is even though the tracking links are fine and ads are approved if at any time any of those domains gets a complaint , say a mailer picked up a link put it in a program and sent email resulting in a complaint then anyone with that link in their ad would still be charged for clicks but the ad would not go to a landing page. it instead would show this error:

Click to view larger

And Facebook does not tell you anything they just keep ringing up the charges for clicks….this can go on for months if unmonitored.
While looking deeply into this I figured out some other helpful stuff…


A little known fact is facebook targets by user defined profile data so when you buy ads it displays them not by actual location at the time when they are displayed, resulting in people on vacation in let’s say Mexico being able to see and click the ad but then the ad redirects as most offers are geo redirected out of the area where the lead does not qualify. This may account for up to 8% in wasted click costs. The fix? There is not really one except ask your affiliate network to remove all geo targeting on campaigns you are running so everyone can see your page.

EMAIL Announcement
CPC is back!

We are taking on 5 new email publishers to join our “Elite CPC Program.” Once you are certified you will be offered private CPC offers to mail on an ongoing basis. Please contact to apply!

Horse Update
Stick N Stay has raced twice in the past threee weeks at Turf Paradise in Az and came second both times. Next time we go for the big win. 

My Namesake The ClickFather is on track and training for his first race ever in the next 3-4 weeks. He is sure to dominate any feild he races against!

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