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Who can you trust? Clickfather update 1-27-10

Who Can You Trust?

One of the questions I frequently hear from long time media buyers is, “why can’t I trust anyone?”

Partnerships or JV’s can be great if both parties each have something unique to offer the other and can combine resources to make more money.

I do several JV’s and media buying partnerships and for the most part they work out very well. Once in a great while I am disappointed as someone does not follow through with his or her end of the agreement. I find that when circumstances like this arise I can write them off as “costs of doing business” and pride myself in not losing too much sleep over it. While it might sound naïve, I take comfort in knowing that staying true to my word and maintaining my integrity though less than ideal circumstances will serve the best interest of my family, company, employees and friends in the long term.
Here are the keys to maintaining healthy JV’s and partnerships:

  1. Clearly lay out each person’s role, responsibilities and financial obligation, and do so in a written agreement. For the most part (or at least I would like to think), everyone enters a partnership with good intentions. However, when the “plan to make a million” turns into the “plan that COST us each $xx.xx” you would be surprised at how quickly good intentions sour. You can find yourself in a finger pointing “he said, she said blame game” where everything is open to interpretation. Get it in writing.
  2. Make sure you maintain full transparency with regards to reports and any other metrics that dictate performance (Where the buys are happening etc.).
  3. If you are holding the financial burden (using your credit lines or credit cards) make sure you maintain line of sight on all expenditures and plan to sit down and review them weekly to insure that all costs incurred are within the scope of your agreement. Finding out your “partner” just racked up a bunch of personal, non-business expenses (2 months after the fact) will prove to be a rude awakening.
  4. At the first sign of dishonesty CUT the deal and relationship ASAP. If someone proves to be distrustful in one aspect of their life (even if it is unrelated to your business venture) it’s not a stretch to believe they are both capable and willing to be dishonest in your business dealings with them. I personally employ a zero tolerance policy on this.
  5. Ask yourself, “do I really need a partner?” You don’t want to make an “off the cuff” decision only to end up asking yourself “what am I paying this person for” down the road. Analyze risk vs. reward, potential ROI, and don’t be afraid to listen to what your gut is telling you. Most importantly when going over these questions and working through your analysis make sure you are doing so are completely devoid of emotion.
In closing I found a fitting quote for this post and would like to share it with you:

Personality can open doors, but only character can keep them open.
— Elmer G. Letterman

Everyone can be a great teammate, business partner or friend while on the “winning” team;however ones true character is tested and measured by how they handle themself in the darkness of defeat. Make sure you don’t confuse personality and charisma with character as this this could prove to be a costly mistake down the line. Fair weatherpartners are great…until it starts raining.

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-The ClickFatherâ„¢

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