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What Happens when you stay focused?.. Your business EXPLODES

What Happens when you stay focused?
Your business EXPLODES!

Fist Of all I want to apologize for posting less in the past 2 months. 2011 has been nothing short of amazing. I have been doing this since 1998 and have never seen so much opportunity as there currently is in the market. If you are struggling to find the right niche or campaign to make profitable just consider these 5 points

Find Your Niche

Check the market as it is always changing. Spend your time on a various amount of consumer sites like, MSN Shopping, Facebook and others to find emerging trends.

Stop wasting time reading useless posts

Do not spend time on the boards looking for someone else not making money to tell you about the next hot offer, as most of those people are Affiliate managers/Product owners looking to push a deal or people just tryting to fit in. It is very rare that I can find good information when it comes to promoting a product on a message board. I can find good information on compliance and other matters though.

Watch TV!

Even though I really do not watch much TV anytime my wife asks me to watch a show or something I come up with a few good ideas and also see things that are heavily marketed one example is Hydroxatone. (and yes we have it on Xy7 Elite)


Learn how to test properly. There are many ways to MISS success. Come up with a multi Variable testing scheme that allows you to find the best possible time to run your ads.

Get Your Hands Dirty, DIG IN

Automation is great when you have a constant…until then test, test, test. And do it all by hand to eliminate any other possible anomalies.

What I am buying…

Criminal Justice Edu Campaign

(offer 153423 on xy7 Elite)

I teamed up with one of my media buyers and split shifts on day parting criminal justice on face book. It took us about 2 weeks to really tweak and now is on autopilot.

My philosophy is simple. Find the pocket of traffic that performs best and burst your buy into that to maximize profits. It has worked really well for us this month returning an outstanding ROI of 37%

I am also focused on a few others. I will mention them in my next update.

Email Marketers are loving Xy7Elite…

We found a well funded start up that is willing to lose money to build a business. The result…

We currently have 16 CPC Deals for our mailers. These are private email only offers that are absolutely printing money.

Please contact your AM or me directly to be certied to run these. You will be glad you did.

WANTED: Seasoned Media Buyers
I am looking for other media buyers to work with on 2 main programs, A people search project. ($400k monthly budget available on CPA) , & A New Fertility Program. Contact me directly for details please indicate past successes along with real numbers as to what you have done. I am looking for buyers that can scale quickly.
Take a look at Xy7 Elite’s Mobile deals. There are over 27 of them now, most of which you will not find anywhere else. Including JERSEY SHORE Mobile…

Ask your Account Executive about this as well. If you do not have anyone you are working with just aim me @ roidealsdaily

iPhone 4 on Verizon still drops calls…

Figured I would share these results with my readers

Cool Video: A day made of glass

At the rate of technology advancing coupled with how quickly products are now brought to market I think we can probably be here in less than 5 yrs.

Click here to check it out

Leadscon Las Vegas March 1st & 2nd @ the Mirage

Myself and a few others from the Xy7 family will be attending Leadscon Las Vegas, March 1-2. We will also be hosting a hospitality suite both nights of the show. To RSVP please text 702-328-3211.

If you are not working with an Affiliate manager,
please contact any one listed below.
Kevin De Vincenzi

Phone: (702) 475-5235


AIM: roidealsdaily

Mike Giardina

Phone: (757) 541-8018



Lana Starcevich

Phone: (702) 997-3201


AIM: lanastarcevich

Brian Tines

Phone: (619) 274-8463


AIM: XY7BrianT

James Epner

Phone: (201) 961-2641


AIM: xy7James

-The ClickFatherâ„¢

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