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BOOM…Mobile Marketing is here. ClickFather Update 12-07-10

Pay Per Call, WAP: and SMS……

For several years I have been avidly following mobile marketing watching for it to just EXPLODE.

I feel we are there now.

For those of you not familiar with the different terms here is a breakdown of what each means.

Pay Per Call:

Pay-per-call (PPCall) is a concept similar to pay-per-click (PPC) advertising which is the dominant form of online advertising. In pay-per-call, however, the advertiser receives a phone call and after a predetermined amount of time the pixel “fires” and the affiliate gets paid.  A majority of current pay per call provider use web forms and also wap pages  to generate phone calls. I am currently testing a Criminal Justice campaign, Game Design campaign, And a Psychic offer all pay out after the user stays on the phone for a specified period of time.


Wireless Access Protocol (WAP) is an open international standard for application-layer network communications in a wireless-  communication environment. Most use of WAP involves accessing the mobile web from a mobile phone or from a PDA. I am testing Allstate Insurance through this method currently.

TIP**** You can buy wap traffic from and also Google directly.


SMS stands for short message service. SMS is also often referred to as texting, sending text messages or text messaging. The service allows for short text messages to be sent from one cell phone to another cell phone or from the Web to another cell phone.

I currently am not involved in any sms sends but I do not there are people building lists and also doing sends on them to mobile offers just like email but instead to mobile phones.


Anyone that knows my history knows I was FIRST to go “Big” i:

Ring tones (2003)

At one point I was doing over $250,000 a day ion traffic on one offer

One Field Submits (2003)

We did over one million dollars on ONE campaign in Nov 2003 about 12 months before one fields hit mainstream.

Legal Leads (2004)

in a little over a month We did over $500,000 in leads to a Vioxx class action resulting in over 200 million dollars in settlements.

Free trial Diet (2005)

We launched Hoodia in 2005 resulting in millions of dollars in sales per month.

Etc….Every year since 2003 we have had at least one huge ahead of the curve deal.

In 2011 we will make waves again in mobile. As we are the ONLY true mobile based advertising platform offering fast  aggressive payouts and know how…It’s easy to throw a bunch of deals on a network call it whatevermobi and sign up Affiliates calling yourself a mobile advertising platform  It is not easy to do it right.. will follow in the footsteps of and  And as usual every campaign we put up will be one we have personally tested and has passed the grade as a campaign that can be profitable for Affiliates. We know what works and will share the  formula with our Affiliates.

Effective this morning Xy7 .com in conjunction with MobiKlix has launched a new website focusing on WAP, Pay Per Call  and Mobile Marketing. It is an invitation only network catering to serious mobile marketers.

To request an invitation please email and reference the ClickFather â„¢ Blog.

How big is mobile marketing you ask?

Ask Mark Zuckerberg who said a couple days ago in a 60 minutes interview that more than 150 million people now access Facebook through thier mobile device…As smart phones continue to evolve with faster processors and better graphics wap traffic will continue to grow at a astounding  pace. Think of it as 2004 for media buying 🙂 Cheap inventory and lots of it.

In preparation for this post I spent part of last week sourcing top Pay Per Call or Wap Publishers that would let me interview them. I located 4 that make a considerable 5 figure a week income off this already unfortunately 3 out of 4 would not go on record…. The one gentleman that was more than happy to help other marketers  is Justin Elenburg.

Justin started mobile marketing a few short months ago and has his own blog @ I asked him to share three tips for people looking to get started in Mobile Marketing . Here is what he said.

3 Tips For Beginners in PayPerCall

1. Most important Don’t use AdMob click to call feature.  It is a black hole for you money.

2. Test small in MSN Adcenter.  You can get clicks on keywords for $.05 on their mobile platform and you don’t need a site.  They don’t have a lot of traffic but if your starting out that is perfect for testing.

3. Track each adgroup using individual numbers.  That way you can adjust your bids for each adgroup as a whole.  Don’t stuff a ton of keywords into one adgroup. Start with 20 very relevant keywords.

Check this out

Justin Also has offered help to anyone on setting up their first mobile campaign. You can contact him through his blog or email  Let him know you heard about him from the ClickFather™  blog .

If anyone else would like to share success stories or tips please email them to me I would love to share them

IE 9 is super buggy for buying ads and interacting with sites.

Although I have recently purchased 2 mac’s (one 17 inch MacBook Pro laptiop and a MacBook Air)  I am stlil getting used to the differences from a pc  so I buy media for the most part on my Dell PC with 4 screens that I am used to.

The day before Thanksgiving a family member who I will grant anonymity to  decided to download a few recipes on my computer…big no no! and while doing so downloaded a IE spy ware add on that kept crashing my IE. It has proven to be a time killer as I had to resart browers and keep recovering them many times smack in the middle of running a report or building out an ad campaign.. I keep  an average of 35 tabs open all  day and both IE and Mozzilla so I can stay  logged into several accounts of the same type without ovverding each other.(cookies)

Sunday Morning  I decided to try IE 9 and although it is really cool and has a lot of features simular to Safari’s browser (Mac)  it has issues sending data. I got stuck on adready,,, and a few others wherre it just refused to upload my ads or run a report. I Guess it still needs a lil work before media buyers can use it!

Side Note  Honey the stuffing turned out really good but  please do not touch my computer again:)

Affcon 2010 I am heading to Miami on Wednesday

I am heading to Miami on Wed to attend which is a trade show focused on Affiliates.  It is kind of like the Affiliate Summit except this one is Free to Affiliates. It is a smaller intimate show of around 700 people. I personally enjoy venues like this as you have time to really focus on a few key meetings and spend quality time with clients and Affiliates as opposed to being “on the clock” jumping from meeting to meeting.  If you happen to be coming please hit me up we can talk media.I left my schedule open except for 3 training sessions with Affiliates. In addition I will be speaking on a panel Friday from 1-2 pm Pst called Beyond Cpa You can also listen to it live via web stream on

Other blogs I read:

People have asked me many times what blogs I read.  Here is a short list of what I follow. I tend to stay away from the hype blogs and focus on ones  that deliver real information, tips and a true account of what they are doing buying media. *new *new

Next post : Content lock traffic the good, the bad and the really ugly.

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