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What Motivates You?


Many successful entrepreneurs I meet have a “vision board” in their homes and/or offices. If you do not have one,  I strongly urge you to set one up. Basically, it is a board in which you post images of your goals. You can pin-up things like magazine clippings of a destination, a car, a house, a savings account balance, an adventure, a fit physique, a boyfriend/girlfriend, family members you want to provide for or charities you want to help. Then, make a point to look at it when you get up and throughout the day.  It will help keep you focused and aligned with your goals.

Xy7 and our sister property Xy7elite are rolling out a new initiative called “My Motivation”.  Our account managers and myself are on a quest to build a plan to achieve your goals with you.  World Series Tickets?  A Dream Vacation? An Extreme Adventure? The New 3-D TV?  A New Toy For Your Garage?  Whatever it is, we want to hear it and we want to be a part of turning your vision board into a reality! Throw us your craziest, most outlandish requests and we will set a goal and  give you a realistic path to make it happen.


With Ad tech being only a few weeks away, things are really heating up around here. I always love this time of the year as the holidays are fast-approaching and there’s a flurry of new and exciting offers to promote.

Here are the current deals we are working on this week:

We are having tremendous success with Tara Medium USA  on email.  The only challenge on this offer is we are continually hitting daily cap allocations quickly. If you are interested in being put on a waiting list, email me directly. Do the same for Penny Auctions and No Scrub, No Minimum Debt as those 3 have all exceeded allocations. is our own brand and is one of our hot social, search  and display offers.   It is offer # 3947 On and pays a base of $1.25.  If you can do volume, we have very aggressive tiers for you as well….just contact me after you do 1000 leads and I will custom build a payout raise and incentive plan for you!

Blaze E cigs offer 4322 Now $40 to all publishers!

WOW……hands down the best converting and highest paying E Cig offer out there. Grab and test this one today before it gets capped out as well!

Landing page

Zip Submit – AutoInsuranceSource

offer #4313

Another Exclusive for email only

Landing page

$4 for a one field submit…


Your Retirement Jackpot – 010

$1.50 per lead no cap

Incentivized: NO
Cash Incentivized: NO
Contextual: YES
Banner: YES
Email: YES
PPC Search: YES
Organic Search: YES
Social Media: YES

These are all first page submit offers

Dish Network Email and Social



Short Form Criminal Justice EDU – Version 3



Mobile Spy Cell-Locate – US EXCLUSIVE

Now takes Email traffic as well!

$6   The original is BACK!


Quality Health- One Touch Diabetes Meter



IQ Speed Challenge – USA ONLY


all non incentive traffic accepted.

Do you have International traffic? If so, let me know as I have several solid UK,It Au and Ca campaigns

Update on Facebook issue

No response from them as expected….

Training media buyers. UPDATE

Everyone I have taken under my guidance to train is progressing nicely  GREAT JOB GUYS!!

The only real challenge we have seen so far is scalability which  is due in large part to the Yahoo!/Bing search Alliance merger.

My personal Yahoo! search traffic which is normally close to a 5 figure daily spend has dramatically been cut as much of the traffic is now being delivered by Bing and not Yahoo!   I had a long talk today with the great people at and struck a deal for them to manage a few of our key search accounts. I will keep everyone updated on that as well.

XY7 At Ad Tech NYC Nov 3-4 2010 will be exhibiting in NYC booth 1303
I am fully committed for meetings and training sessions already.
Here is the contact information for Booth Attendees if you would like to set up a meeting or just ask a question.

Anthony Alves
Campaign Manager
Aim: xy7alves

Mike Giardina
East Coast Affiliate Relationship Manager
Aim: Xy7mikeg

James Epner
Internal Media Buyer and West Coast Affiliate Relationship Manager

Rhianna Ross
Director of Operations for Xy7 and Xy7elitecom

John Virtue
National Advertising Representative.

Aaron Baruch
Mobile Alliance Marketing

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  1. Well what motivates me is seeing everyone around me be successful and accomplishing their goals like family, friends, fellow affiliates and of course “The Click Father” that just makes me hungry for more. After several years in the affiliate marketing industry I think I’m now ready to set my goal to make 5,000 dollars a week in affiliate commissions alone, it shouldn’t be hard I have spent the last 2 years setting up and testing various different campaigns from several networks and my ROI’s have been decent just really haven’t had the time to invest with everything else I have going.

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