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ClickFather update 10-22-10

As the weather changes and the holidays round the corner, it is now time to start fine-tuning your marketing and media buys for the holiday season.  Conventionally, most holiday media planning is done during the late second quarter of the year. As we are now in the last quarter, you really cannot afford to wait any longer. I am always on the lookout for the next big holiday trend such as a Snuggie (Product of the Year in 2008) or a Tickle Me Elmo.

Due to the retail demand throughout the holidays, lead generation efforts are totally deflated.  Not only is traffic getting more expensive on Facebook but typically, Facebook is best for lead generation offers.  Therefore, I recommend looking into other alternatives like AOL Ad Desk where you can buy very cheap traffic. So if your conversions are in line with industry standards, you stand to make a very hefty ROI.  Right now, AOL Ad Desk has a great incentive.  They are offering a $400 advertising credit upon sign up.  Recently, I purchased a TON of traffic on and through Ad Desk at less than a twelve cent CPM :)… for value out there.  It is available. If you need help, hit me up.

We all know that lead generation is down in December but retail is UP!  No matter what forecasters say and no matter how bad the economy supposedly is, when the holidays roll around, people are in a shopping-frenzy. The great news is that people are shopping online more and more every year. They want to avoid the crowds and they can utilize competitive shopping. puts a new twist on competitive shopping and this is one of the many reasons, you will see XY7 promoting it throughout the holiday season.  Contact me if you want to know more.

NEW Tools

On a weekly basis, I am presented with several new marketing tools to evaluate. I very rarely recommend one. I have found a new Facebook tool that is both powerful and intriguing. Although it is an amazing Facebook tool, the intriguing part about it is that I am successfully using it to buy media on platforms other than Facebook.  I am using it to gather intelligence. If a campaign  has passed the ” Facebook Test”, I know it is backing out even with inflated Facebook prices. You can demo it at

Media coaching update:

I am getting several inquiries about taking on new coaching students.  I regret to say that due to my fully-committed schedule, I cannot accept any new students at this time.  Of course, if you need quick advice on something, I am always happy to help. Just aim me: Roidealsdaily

Hot offers now on XY7Elite

For email

Life Insurance Finders

This is still converting at a minimum of 17%…. a no brainer to drop this one once per week.

Thanks to XY7’s Quality Affiliates, we got another raise!!! Now $5 for just a zip submit… can you go wrong here?

Score Assist

New Revolutionary Consumer Product. Credit Report + Scores plus Credit Improvement & Management.  If you promote credit reports this is the one.

Gas Saver Auto Loans Exclusive landing page…  $12

one  Timeshare $12!  best converting timeshare lead gen on the market. try it!

Short Form Criminal Justice Version new landing page. There are a few new guidelines when running education offers. We know this space really well and can coach you on smart buys. If you posess the time to make this one work there is a pot of gold there.

Apply 24-7 Debt

No minimum Debt Required $12

For Social and Media Buys

Whosearching is still one of the best converters for social, search and media buys. Base price is $1.50. We have a well-seasoned, internal media buyer that will help you get this running. Just let me know.

This one is doing very well off of advertorials and also on adblade-type placements.  It is now paying $42.00.

Free Movie Tickets $9

See the new MacBook Air?  Want one from us?

I am making it REALLY Easy to qualify for a MacBook Air!

Do just $15,000 on our group of Select-Qualifying offers and get a MacBook Air delivered to your doorstep within days.  Email me for the list of Qualifying offers.

Horse Update:

Empochi, Stick N’ Stay, The ClickFather, Social Strategy, HeCouldGoAllTheWay, Aurelia D and Fool Away are all in training and will be racing no later than Jan 2011. You can follow us on our facebook fan page.

-The ClickFather â„¢

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