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We are now the AOR for!!


After enjoying a great 27 month relationship with we have mutually decided to become more exclusive. We now are the Agency of record for all Email, Display, PPV and text ads.
What this allows us to do is launch our newest private brands like
and also lets us put compliance and quality controls in place protecting MyLife and their great brand. 

If you would like to run this offer please contact,, or call 702-475-5235

Cookie tracking and EU (European Union)

Some changes happened this week that may effect the way offers track.
Here is the notice we got from Direct Response (our tracking software provider for 

Dear Kevin,

As you probably know, in late 2009 the European Parliament amended a longstanding e-privacy directive (2009/136/EC) to include guidelines regarding how information is gathered from web users via the use of cookies. On May 26, 2011, all member states within the European Union (EU) are required to have laws in place to comply with what’s been termed “The EU cookie law.”

The individual member states must draft and enact their own laws to ensure compliance, and we don’t yet know what those laws will stipulate. However, we do know that on May 8, 2011, the United Kingdom’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) provided additional advice to help UK businesses ensure compliance. The ICO advised that businesses get user consent before placing a cookie on the user’s computer. The advice noted that “consent may be signified by a subscriber who amends or sets controls on the internet browser which the subscriber uses or by using another application or programmed to signify consent.” New information also states that cookies that are “strictly necessary” to providing a service are exempt from the new rules.

What does this mean to you? Probably not much. For the past several years on our end we made sure all our EU campaigns are server to server tracking ensuring better, more accurate tracking overall.


Eternal Earth-Bound Pets, USA

P.T Barnum said: “there’s one born every minute…” 

“The next best thing to pet salvation in a Post Rapture World”

Last count I heard made over $35,000 in a day (may 20)
Well by now you know the predictions were not accurate and the world did not end on Saturday May 21st but oh boy did some people rake in cash on others fears. Personally I would not want to benefit off of others misfortunes.
On top of that the end of the world rumors started with “Family Radio” and it’s founder Harold Camping who has taken in over 100 million dollars in donations to spread the word.

The ClickFather’s Book Corner

Delivering Happiness, by: Tony Hsieh 


My father in law gave me this book called Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose, and let me tell you it is now one of the top 3 must reads on my reading list. Tony Hsieh takes you from his early days in link exchange, all the way through the success and turmoil. The book kept me captivated throughout and also made me take a hard look at the way we currently run our organization. Although we are highly successful in what we do, it made evident to me shortcomings in our organization that needed to be addressed. After finishing the book, I emailed Tony Hseih personally and got a copy of their culture book. Yet another great read. Most of you that read my blog are either self employed or are part of an interactive company and this book will be enlightening on all levels. I am now looking into going to a 2 day immersion class Zappos puts on as I truly see why it works and want to keep absorbing the culture to apply it to our company. It is available on Amazon (of course) and also on the Kindle.

I am now reading, About Face: The secrets of emotionally effective advertising. 

I will share my feedback on this one in my next post. Stay tuned!


HOT Media Buying Tools

There are so many great tools out there. Currently when I find ones worth mentioning I do. Two that I really like are and 

Adbeat gives you insight to the top advertisers across many channels. When I show the tool to people I get a “oh…” then a few minutes after watching the videos and understanding how powerful it really is I get a “HOLY S@%*!” this thing is unbelievable! If you are serious about media buying get a demo and check it out.

The other tool was created by one of our Super Affiliates, Besmir. It is an insight to Facebook ads and very accurate along with other media buying tools and a forum.
Here is what he told me officially about it: 

Besmir ( has joined forces with MrGreen and StackThatMoney to create the most comprehensive and skilled affiliate marketing forum on the web. These guys have generated over $xx,xxx,xxx in affiliate revenues and have 12 years of marketing experience combined. The coaching from such experienced professionals just doesn’t exist anywhere else. They will show you currently working campaigns across PPV, FB, POF & Media Buys.

Click here for a demo

What I am buying…

  • MyLife…of course 🙂
  • Also our private brands like and our newest brand, which is now live and being beta tested internally, We expect to release it by the end of the week.
  • I am also buying a single opt in stock newsletter offer called Microcap Fortunes
  • And lastly Tara Medium international on Facebook and other display.


For more information on any of these campaigns please contact myself or any of the account managers below.

Horse Update!

My Namesake The ClickFather™ unfortunately will not ever see race. I decided to retire him unraced and give him to a charity as he had a condition that would make him more susceptible to a breakdown. 

On the positive side, Stick N Stay, Epochi, Social Strategy, Fool Away and Aurelia D all are being trained now at Los Alamitos Racetrack in Southern California. I expect each to be running in June!

I also bought part of a horse called No Free Parking at Yonkers Raceway in NY.


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