Facebooks new way of dealing with Affiliate traffic….Click Fraud em!

I have heard several times from people that I consider authorities that Face book does not want Affiliate traffic.

After having a storied past with Face book and buying over 9 billion impression in just under 7 months. I decided to call it quits for a bit and focus on and others that actually respected Affiliates and what they were doing.

Over the past week I put 3 campaigns back live that always did well on Face book so I figured I might as well give them a shot on FB as well….

They were:

Criminal Justice Short Form

CDI Nursing in Canada

Fashion Design Schools

Here are the results: for all 3 I made 5 ads each and all ads got approved quickly each one had  a great number of clicks and were converting yo my metrics  (I spent about $500 my first hr) and then all 3 at the same time  stopped converting….. I looked into it further and here is what is happening. At some point last night Face book decided to block traffic to my lander page  BUT still allowed users to click and charged me for the clicks….Several hundred dollars.

here is what I saw when I clicked the links myself

Yet the click costs were still going up….

Makes you wonder how long this has been going on and who else this has happened to. I have emailed them for a response as to me, this is fraudulent activity on their part.

Emailed them Friday we are now Monday with No Response…..

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