Facebooks new way of dealing with Affiliate traffic….Click Fraud em!

I have heard several times from people that I consider authorities that Face book does not want Affiliate traffic.

After having a storied past with Face book and buying over 9 billion impression in just under 7 months. I decided to call it quits for a bit and focus on and others that actually respected Affiliates and what they were doing.

Over the past week I put 3 campaigns back live that always did well on Face book so I figured I might as well give them a shot on FB as well….

They were:

Criminal Justice Short Form

CDI Nursing in Canada

Fashion Design Schools

Here are the results: for all 3 I made 5 ads each and all ads got approved quickly each one had  a great number of clicks and were converting yo my metrics  (I spent about $500 my first hr) and then all 3 at the same time  stopped converting….. I looked into it further and here is what is happening. At some point last night Face book decided to block traffic to my lander page  BUT still allowed users to click and charged me for the clicks….Several hundred dollars.

here is what I saw when I clicked the links myself

Yet the click costs were still going up….

Makes you wonder how long this has been going on and who else this has happened to. I have emailed them for a response as to me, this is fraudulent activity on their part.

Emailed them Friday we are now Monday with No Response…..

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  1. Aloha ClickFather,

    Thanks for the FYI – funny they (Facebook) don’t like our ads but they like our money…

    I was about to start another ad campaign with them but I think I’ll take the business somewhere else…please let us know when you get a reply from Facebook…(I won’t hold my breath!).

    Once again, thanks for the heads up!

    John Leary III

  2. Update: It’s Tuesday evening and still no response from Facebook although one of my Affiliates asked his rep and they replied “not possible” oh yeah it is….

  3. Thanks or sharing this Kevin. I find Facebook to be THE WORST company I have ever dealt with in regards to customer support. Their ad system frustrates the hell out of me. You get denied and they give you a list of where things are wrong but if everything looks good you are left wondering what the hell is the exact issue. If you email their ad support and ask them specific questions you get the same info regurgitated to you. Makes me soooo mad I stopped using them. Now after reading this I don’t think I want to use them ever again.

  4. Thanks for the info. Facebook has been a real effin pain lately. Gettin ready to hang up my hat with them. I’ve tried myads but the traffic just didnt convert. I’ll consider giving them another shot.

  5. Well, I had to chime in here. I have seen a form of click fraud going on with my facebook account as well, though I am not aware of this specific situation happening with any of my marketing.

    I’ll sum up my click fraud experience this way. Traffic that my affiliate manager can get for around .40 – .50 cents per click, has been costing me around .73 per click – same demographics – same everything. I am a low spender on facebook as I am still trying to get the ball rolling. My AM is established and spends a lot of money with them.

    So how is it fair that I have to pay anywhere from 30-50% more than he does for traffic for the exact same demographics?

    I could write about 3 pages of info about this in detail and provide screenshots of examples that I documented, but I won’t bother.

    The point is, I’ve been getting screwed, just like a lot of other people I think. I don’t understand either, because we are the people struggling to succeed and coming up with every spare dime we have and trying to spend it with FB. We are their income source, and this is how we are treated.

    Screw em. I am changing to a different form of marketing. I can’t afford to be robbed and cheated every day in the course of trying to make a living.

  6. I always found Facebook to be a bit shady when it comes to advertising. I remember when I did advertise with them and although I would set my budget to a certain amount, for some odd reason they would overexceed it and that in itself really just pissed me off. I haven’t messed with them since.

  7. never expected big websites like do such things, was your landing page really voilted there tos, or it is just that automated programs which did itnn1

  8. With all the issues, where is an affiliate to go? What are some platforms out there that do not engage in taking advantage of unsuspecting advertisers?

    Kevin – thanks for sharing, will have to keep an eye out.


  9. It is a shame that people can’t be honest and believe me i know from exp.When i wanted to learn to work with ads i was led wrong by a big wig in a big affiliate network co. he was teaching me how to scam networks instead of being honest and i chose not to do that as broke as i am and he wanted me to give him a percentage of the money that i scammed because he could not let his partners no anything because of his part in the co.He handles all there money and im sorry to have to put this in here like this but you all should know that people you think would not scam you could be sitting there beside you now.Because of all the lies he told me me and my 3 year old Daughter are on the streets because of his lies and im a single father trying to survive and not lose my child that i have taken care of since she was born if you want to no who this person is send me an email and i will explain who and his network.thanks Dave.

  10. David,
    Who is it? The only way to clean up this industry is to get rid of the garbage out there. If you need help or advice call 702-216-4012 or aim me anytime roidealsdaily I would be happy to help you any way I can. Having been homeless at one point in my life (when my now 14 year old was born) I know the feeling and will lend a hand any way I can.

    God Bless,

    -TheClickFather â„¢

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