Hot Xy7Elite Offers Week of 9-20-10

Happy Monday!,

Here are some awesome new offers to consider this week:

Medical Billing & Coding

pays on 1st page.

Short-form, single-page education campaign; converts on the first page, and provides information on the top medical billing & coding schools in the country.

Email, Search, Social ok  ****Limit 50 leads a day to start on all new publishers.

$12  CID   139213


1CID  39225


Insurance Finder

The best performing life insurance we’ve seen in the past few years. Conversion rates for emailers are between 20-40%.

Banner, Search, Email,Social and display OK




CID+ 139049

Panda Research

Join the thousands of Panda members getting paid up to $75 for each completed survey, product and service reviews.




CID: 137933

Dish Network

With DISH Network Satellite – The Entertainment Choices Are Limitless. Pays on 1st page submit.
Email: YES
PPC Search: NO
Organic Search: NO
Social Media: YES



Facebook Click frauding Affiliates?

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Facebooks new way of dealing with Affiliate traffic….Click Fraud em!

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