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Back to school and back to work!

Back from a long weekend….yeah right I worked right through it 🙂


Eharmony did very well with their “free access weekend” some ads had a CTR of over 1% along with a CTL of 8% on average

What I did is pause all those ads at midnight  last night as the promo was over but I can use them again for the next time they run that promo. ( I hear it will be around Thanks Giving weekend) What will be interesting to see is how it will continue to convert  for the rest of this week as brand recognition from all the nationwide TV ads will is high

I am going to focus today on 4 zip submit offers as they are very easy to monetize since there is no scrub…luckily we have an awesome relationship with these advertisers thus knowing with 100% certainty these are true ” no scrubs”

These are all only on

Side note*** If you are not yet on xy7Elite but can produce volume in excess of $1000 a week please aim me (roidealsdaily) to talk about getting you conditionally approved.

XY7 Elite Offers

All these pay on Zip submit!

EXCLUSIVE: Zip Submit –
CID 135989


Zip Submit – – Free Apple iPad
CID 118884


Zip Submit – – Free Apple iPhone 4
CID 135658


Zip Submit – RetailReportCard – $1000 Back to School Gift Card
CID 137189


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