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The next BIG Campaign you heard it from The ClickFather first…with a “how to” included for social

Happy Monday,

I spent the weekend working on and testing a new campaign that I believwe is the next “Big” thing in email and social

It is offer number 1373287 on XY7 Elite called Assisted Living Today **Soft Lead Gen* Email, Social, Display and Search

pays $13 on a one page submission. I know we will cap at some point as we anticipate this to be a very strong campaign


***I have the “secret sauce”: to targeting this on social.

Here it is…

2 separate ad sets:

Male 35-50 conversions (5% plus) Target  “A place for Mom or Dad”  using pictures like this

Parents need help as they get older.

find Senior Living matched specific to their needs.

Find Assisted Living Today.

Male 60 and over (6.7%)

On this demo focus on their lifestyle with either a picture of stability like a home or something like this Welcome Home. Find Senior Living matched specific to your needs.

Plan for the Future. Find Assisted Living Today


Back To school offer

#137189 – Zip Submit – RetailReportCard – $1000 Back to School Gift Card

$1.20 for a  Zip  submit.




Brand new auto insurance ZIP Submit. Pays on the gross submit vs. others that only pay when a user checks “yes”. No filters or ZIP scrubs.

EXCLUSIVE: Zip Submit –


Ok for email, display and social.   Don;t be fooled by others that scrub,….this is the real deal


Why do our offers not show up much on offer vault?

Please keep in mind many of the offers on Xy7elite are private so you will not see them although we proabably have the deals you are looking for,. Do yourself a favor and email me with any offers you need. I most likely have them and at a much higher price than what you are getting 🙂

email me


Cell 702-328-3211


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