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ClickFather Newsletter 10-29-10

The Ultimate

Equalizer and a Kabob Cart

I refer to the Internet as the ultimate equalizer where anyone from  anywhere can literally be on an equal playing field with anyone else. Most  social and economic boundaries can be overcome as long as you can write well, have a cool looking website and possess some knowledge about the matter you are talking about.  When challenged on this fact, I have someone pick a person they think would be virtually impossible for me to make contact with and then, I proceed to show them how easy it is to get an introduction using the tools we have available to us today.  When I grew up, there was six degrees of separation between any two people.  Now I hear that with the addition of technology and social networks on the Internet, it is something like three degrees of separation. Tools like Linkedin, and Facebook make our networks so much more efficient and powerful.  Use them! 🙂


Time for Ad Tech NYC, already?!?!  Scary!  I am a native New Yorker myself, so it is always nice to go back “home” a couple times a year.

For the second year in a row, Ad Tech is being held at the Javitz Convention Center Nov 3rd and 4th.

Xy7 will be exhibiting near the entrance of the hall at Booth 1303.

If you would like to set up a meeting with any of our staff, please contact me and I will direct you to the right person.

Tips from a real New-Yorker:

If you want real NY pizza, go to John’s Pizzeria in The Village.

If you want something very authentic, eat food from a street cart!  Try a Kabob on the corner of 53rd and 6th (next to the Hilton).  Whether it’s 2 pm or 2 am, there is always a line of people!  Here is a review from the  street grub.

Now for a real Italian experience, dial up my brother Mike.  He runs a restaurant in midtown  called “Salute” on 38th and Madison. Their food is awesome  Every person I have ever taken has called me later to verify the name so they could go back. Be aware it is a bit pricey though :)Hit me up for his cell if you need it.

Need car service?

Flavio’s Limo is the best. I have used him for the past seven years. Check out Tell him I sent you for even better rates.

Xy7’s New Look!

Over the next few days, you will see us unveil the new look and feel of We welcome your comments and feedback on it.

VOTE For Xy7 and

If you like working with us, we would love for you to support us by voting for us here. The whole Xy7 Team thanks you for your support.



New NFL Offer to run this weekend


Offer#  141943 –

EXCLUSIVE: MyPengo – What Is Your Football        IQ?


I personally run this on and It was my inspiration to have this offer built.

It is only on Xy7 If you are not an Elite member but think you can do well on this offer, aim me for conditional Xy7Elite approval to run this.

Many publishers asked for well-known business opportunity offers at the absolute top payout, so here you go:


Robert Allen Multiple Streams of Income – Blue Page


Search,  Email , PPV,  and Social ok

142697 –

Robert Allen Multiple Streams of Income – Long Form Bizopp


Search, Email ,PPV, and Social ok




With the holidays fast approaching, check out this one feild offer….
142892 –

Holiday inspired short field offers:

We have the branded campaign for email and display. If you are interested in running it please email me directly as we need to talk to each person runing it personally.

Email Submit: Free $1000 Best Buy Gift Card[=AFID=]-[=SID=]&ref=33266

$1.50  Search, Email ,PPV, and Social ok

People that know me well are aware I am quite a good sports handicapper.  I handicap the games based more on player emotion than anything else…… I will add up to 3 selections each week here.

Ok so when I went to Texas I predicted the Tex/OU game pretty well :)  I did not have the final score exactly although I did have the winning team and the game did go over the published points 🙂

I like 3 games this weekend:

Redskins +2.5 Over Detroit

Dallas -6.5 over Jacksonville

And even though I am a Jets fan…..

Green Bay + 6 over the Jets

MacBook Air giveaway!

Details are here

-The ClickFather â„¢

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