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Clickfather Update 8-30-11 2 contests!

Clickfather Update 8-29-11

This is my second post of the summer and boy has it been a busy one! I have been traveling quite a bit around the world.I am now testing on a new platform with an API and very excited at the prospect of having an auto approve account at my disposal again allowing me to test several iterations at once not worrying about limits or half my ads getting approved while the other half not getting approved for any apparent reason. I will post an update on my progress next week.

Interesting Marketing Tidbits

I found a great study on a out of the box idea for dating promotion.Click here to read the article

Why nothing beats doing ads by hand…

So I used this awesome tool that automates making ads…I have been using it for about a month without incidence. Today of course it glitches and in an hr I lost $1,088.77. Not a horrible loss but imagine I “set it and forgot it” for a day? I am going back to the old tried and true method. From now on for my personal buys making my own ads by hand.

TIP: Great site to really understand cloud computing

I thought: ”Man this is simple stuff on page one,” but as I read more I was truly enlightened. Invest a little time and read it. Bet you there are a couple things you did not know either!
Click here to read the article

What I am buying

Speed Date is now my main focus I am buying it in niches and in many foreign countries. Have a conversation with me if you want to run it.

Launching a Newbie contest!

I started spending a bit of time on a forum called and I am impressed daily at the amount of knowledge people share on that forum. The moderators are awesome and on point. I decided to launch a contest just for new media buyers on that forum.Here are the details of the contest:


The Put Up or Shut Up Contest

A MINIMUM of $100,000 available in cash and prizes!

One thing I love is to help new Affiliates that have drive and determination in succeeding in Internet Marketing.
I have personally made it a point to train and mentor at least 10 media buyers a year. Many graduate after working with me into awesome media buyers and those that did not possess discipline or a strong work ethic did not.
The biggest challenges I see for new Affiliate Marketers is #1, guidance & #2, money to scale your campaign.

So after spending considerable time on the forums I decided to start a new challenge and contest.


  • Enrollment period is from Sept. 1st to Sept. 30th, 2011 and limited to only 50 contestants
  • You must be a new affiliate that has not earned over $25,000 USD in overall commissions in any one month, on any one campaign (please adhere to this so give everyone a fair shot)
  • I will work personally with 3 Stackthatmoney moderators that will consist of our judging board to post results and also they will be the final say on any disputes.
  • On September 1st, 2011 we will post up 10 offers for the contestants to choose from. These will be 100% private campaigns that are not available to any other affiliates under any circumstances. The payouts will be super aggressive. Details of the offers can be found on
  • Contest duration: September 1st to December 31st, 2011
  • Winners will be announced Jan 5th 2012 via email
  • Winners will be determined as the one that can most effectively make the most profit on a campaign overall based on % of return (Independent judges from STM will determine the results)
  • ROI must be based on a minimum of $5,000 in commission on that campaign

In addition I have added some killer ongoing bonuses to make you successful…


  • Every $2,000 in volume unlocks $250 in Double commission bucks which you will be able to use in January 2012. There is NO LIMIT to how many of these you can accumulate and use!! This is a sure way to end your year on a high note! (we send them out in mid November)


  • Top 10 finishers get 3 months free in the Media Buying Alliance (A $7500 value). Memberships will be Jan-March 2012

For anyone that is not familiar with the MBA…

The Mba is the place to be for serious marketers and membership is very select.


  • Any Affiliate that generates over $25,000 in commission during the challenge gets a brand new MacBook Air shipped to them once they hit the $25,000 Mark!

DON’T FORGET: You must be an active forum member to participate in this challenge!

What does the winner get you ask?
Well, we’re awarding 10 places, but here’s a peak at what 1st place will get…
On top of turning into a top notch media buyer, we are giving the top finisher a full Clickfather workstation setup!

In my command center I have a desktop with 3 screens including a 42″ LCD mounted to my wall. I also use a iPad and a MacBook Air. You get this exact setup!

Retail value is over $9,000!! Plus, I’ll throw in $3,000 in Double Commission Bucks to instantly turn your $3,000 commissions into $6,000!!

To see the rest of the prizes, go here
Please email for rules and the agreement to sign and send back to be considered.

ASE and LeadsCon

I just got back from NYC literally a few hours ahead of hurricane Irene. Besides attending the Affiliate Summit and Leads Con we had an awesome super media buyer private event for Stack That Money Members at Salute in NYC and came up with new ways for us all to work together.We are planning another event for Ad tech NYC as a pre party on Sunday November 7th 2011. I will post additional details about it in mid October with a chance to RSVP.

-The ClickFather

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