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ClickFatherâ„¢ Update 1-4-11 Who stole my ads?

The ClickFatherâ„¢ Update 1-5-11
Who stole my ads?

As I sit here on the balcony of the cruise ship the day before New Year’s Eve reflecting on this past year, I am extremely grateful to all my publishers for another great year and look forward to what 2011 will bring in the form of new opportunities. Thank you to all that have been a part of the greatness.
I spent some time on the ship listening to lectures from an on board art gallery. One of those lectures was about Rembrandt.

We are all artists…whether it is writing sales copy or making image ads in my opinion money is being made by publishers who think outside the box, the ones that find the pocket placements or niche keywords, the ones that make their own splash landing pages and custom banners to better communicate to certain traffic audiences.

The real challenge here is plagiarism. It is very widespread and it turns my stomach when I catch an affiliate or even worse advertisers copying someone’s work and when I confront them many times I get a response of “everyone copies everyone”…that is unacceptable to me.

This is only allowed and semi accepted as it is a digital medium. Imagine on TV or print if you flat out copied someones creative? It would not happen as lawsuits would be flying! On the next thought, there is the DMCA (digital millennium copyright act) which is a great piece of legislature if let’s say you had a picture up on your site you did not know was owned by somebody this act allows you one warning to remove it within a set period of time before legal action is allowed.

It was not meant for copycats to steal every aspect of your artwork.

It goes even deeper as we are now in a “full transparency” role. Many advertisers now demand that each placement be shown to them prior to launch. That was all fine and dandy and is in the TV and print world. In our world of digital media it is quite different as most advertisers now have their own in house media buying division and if they do not be rest assured they will shortly. The way I combat this is 2 fold…

  1. If they currently have a division of media buying I turn the tables and say “show me YOUR ads you currently use along with CTR’s and any other data that will help me market it. And if I have any modifications to them I will let you know.” That has worked out quite well as we have gotten several winning campaigns from the get go and scaled them to a success. The advertiser could have never achieved on his or her own.
  2. If I am sending in ads, I make it extremely clear both contractually and verbally we will not tolerate plagiarism even ONCE and the protocol in which to follow if we send in a infraction.

I am a true believer in solid long term relationships with our advertisers and publishers. Honesty and loyalty are two values that I hold in the highest regard, and those that know me and my style appreciate it. Those that don’t may say I am cocky, brash or too demanding. I know our value in this space and will not take a second seat to anyone.

Sidenote: I have been doing this business as most of you know for 13 years if we are not working with someone that had been around a long time read between the lines…

Tips on protecting your “Art Work”

One of our super affiliates, Ryan Pamplin is also the CEO of a truly out of the box company, Ryactive Corp. Ryan was very happy to share these 5 tips with you on how to protect your work.
Ryan Pamplin’s 5 tips for defending your ad creative…

  1. Creating original graphics and taking your own photos for your ad campaigns: when someone steals your creative, just send a DMCA letter to the advertising network hosting the image (Facebook, Google, etc.). This is achieved by searching “DMCA template letter” on Google. If the advertising network does not take down infringing content within 24 business hours from the time the certified DMCA letter is received, they become legally liable for damages. Major advertising networks do not want to be held liable and will usually comply quickly
  2. Send your text and/or image creative to your network and/or the advertiser to be approved before you start running it: This is done in order to establish ownership of your creative. If someone steals your creative, alert the network and/or advertiser and request them to stop the offending party from profiting from your hard work.
  3. Brand your images, banners, and landing pages with your company logo or watermark: This way, it is possible to prove ownership to the advertising network, affiliate network, and/or advertiser if someone steals your work.
  4. Some advertisers scrape Facebook advertisements using sophisticated tools and numerous fake Facebook accounts to gather competitive intelligence on which ads are being displayed the most. Facebook is a common place for advertisers to copy the best performing creative verbatim and run them to their own affiliate links. Many of these tools can be easily beaten with simple keyword targeting. The fake profiles are not usually filled out completely and they always lack a lot of common “Likes” and “Interests” that most Facebook users have added to their profiles. When creating your Facebook campaign, you need to add the top 10 movies, books, etc in order to capture 90+% of your target, minus the fake accounts, bots, and scrapers.
  5. Don’t tolerate repeated theft: If you see your creative being run heavily by someone else, this means they must be making a lot of money. It is advisable to hire a lawyer or file a law suit against the person in order to be compensated. Most of the thieves do not expect to be sued and will settle out of court quickly to avoid a long intimidating lawsuit as they are guaranteed to lose.

Trademarking phrases?

Recently facebook was approved to trademark anything with the word “face” in it.

Nintendo just trademarked “it’s on like Donkey Kong.”

I guess I better trademark “converting clicks to cash!”

What’s new and exciting in 2011?

Well this blog for one. TheClickFather™ has just celebrated it’s 1 year anniversary! Also has had a fantastic beta launch and will be available to the public starting at the Affiliate Summit.

iPad and MacBook Air promotions extended through February!

This has been our longest and best promotion ever. Simply earn $10,000 in commission and we send you a iPad or $15,000 in commission we send you a MacBook Air!

Contact your am for details or email me.

NEW iPad & MacBook Air referral promo!
They get one YOU get one!

Refer a couple friends to XY7 and once 2 of those friends earn $15,000 they get a Mac Book air and so do you! (once your friends sign up I need an email to before traffic is started)
***If they were an Affiliate on the past but have not run in more than a year you can refer them as well!!

Affiliate Summit football, this Sunday Jan. 9, 2011. It’s on!

For the past 4 years now we have held a NFL party in our suite the day of the meet market so after you have been pitched by everyone make your way to our 2000 sq ft suite at the Wynn where yummy food, sexy bartenders and free drinks will be flowing!

We do not have a room number yet please go here to RSVP through Facebook. on Saturday, we will text and email you the suite number.

Other Affiliate Summit Happenings…

Tickets Still Available to Social Media Summit the day after The Affiliate Summit.

Murray Newlands, who I have known for years and is a really excellent blogger this will be a great event.

I still have a few slots available to meet with affiliates and media buying teams.

Please email to set something up.
If you want to meet with anyone else from my team here is who is attending along with thier contact info:

Mike Teutsch

Phone: (702) 353-7555


AIM: xy7mike

Mike Giardina

Phone: (757) 541-8018



Anthony Alves

Phone: (702) 997-3356


AIM: xy7alves

John Virtue

Phone: (954) 270-0940



James Epner

Phone: (201) 961-2641


AIM: xy7James

Kevin De Vincenzi

Phone: (702) 475-5235


AIM: roidealsdaily

-The ClickFatherâ„¢

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