Testing a new Zip auto submit page on facebook.

I will let everyone know results once I have some in later today. It is on Xy7elite if anyone is interested EXCLUSIVE: Zip Submit – AutoInsuranceSource.org Update 9-29-10 It did not far to wel on facebook although it is doing extremely well for my email publishers. so if you are an emailer drop me a […]

Media Buyer Quick Alert: World Golf Tour HD Game

NEW GOLF GAME FREE REG $1 Payout WOW! Well, If you can target properly this will be a sure winner. WGT (World Golf Tour) is now live on XY7elite.com It pays once the user registers on the first page! Offer # Campaign ID:  134879 Payout $1 Pixel tracking =Yes Open to all Xy7 Elite Affiliates. […]

New Dating Facebook App Live now on XY7Elite.com

I have money printing news…. We just released an awesome dating application called “are you interested” It pays on pressing submit after the app is installed. Several countries are available and the payouts differ greatly by country. Internally we are  focusing on the ones paying $1.50 or above Uk,Netherlands, Norway and Sweden. side note, In our […]

Xy7 Elite Mobil Spy Back!, Fifa ,Swat , and other amazing offers USA and International

The World Cup may be over but our FIFA Superstar Facebook App offer is not over!! Each day we have gained more and more traction on this offer.  Aus, Italy,Ca, Spain, France, USA and UK all available on this offer!    Log in now to pull creatives                                                                       **  Please target male 18-34 yr olds   ==============================================================================     […]