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CEO of xy7.com/xy7elite.com aka, The Clickfather

Around the world in 8 days…My journey

Welcome to Ad-Tech New Delhi!! The trip… The journey started wit a 10.5 hour flight from Los Angeles International to Frankfurt Germany following by another 7 hour flight to New Delhi. My initial thought on arriving in India was, “for landing at 2am it was pretty busy and there was a lot of fog…” Turns […]

What The ClickFather is grateful for

I am thankful for so many more things: Meeting my wonderful and always supportive wife in 96 , Having a second precious daughter recently, maintaining great friendships, A wonderful business that flourishes, I could go on and on!

How I actually never work a day in my life

“Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life.” I love this quote as it holds true for me. After being in Internet Marketing for 16 years now I still sleep with my phone within reach in case I want to get up in the middle of the night to […]

Clickfather Update: LeadsCon, $4000 Given away in suite….March Madness time!

LeadsCon, $4000 Given away in suite….March Madness time! I love this time of year as I can sit at my desk and watch college basketball while I work :)The unpredictability combined with raw emotion is a great thing to watch. Here’s a look at my newest office setup… Facebook wants to be LinkedIn? Today as […]

Clickfather update 7-9-12

Screw me once shame on you, screw me twice shame on me… My first run in with Vworker.com was a couple of years ago. I went on and hired someone for an hourly job and it was on a Sunday which ironically was the cutoff day for the week. This schmuck knew how to beat […]