FaceBook dating offers with Facebook Connect are live!

You asked for new Facebook App offers here are some awesome ones. Check These out: All take Banner, Search, Social and PPV SmartDate – BELGIUM (DUTCH SPEAKING) LP:  http://nl.smartdate.com/?utm_source=xy7&utm_medium=benl&utm_campaign=test $2 =================================================================  CID 44102  SmartDate – BELGIUM (FRENCH SPEAKING) LP  http://fr.smartdate.com/?utm_source=xy7&utm_medium=befr&utm_campaign=test $2 ================================================================= . CID 144097       SmartDate – FRANCE LP;http://fr.smartdate.com/?utm_source=xy7&utm_medium=fr&utm_campaign=test ================================================================  144099   […]

ClickFather Newsletter 10-29-10

I refer to the Internet as the ultimate equalizer where anyone from anywhere can literally be on an equal playing field with anyone else. Most social and economic boundaries can be overcome as long as you can write well, have a cool looking website and possess some knowledge about the