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The Clickfather does it again…. Facebook Look out!

This will change it all. Xy7 AdOptimizer is live!

As many of my readers know I am a media buyer on several verticals and am always looking for ways to increase my monetization efforts. I have been secretly testing an automation tool approved by Facebook and MyAds.

Let me tell you it rocks!

Here are some things it does:

Organize Projects:

Projects are a simple way of organizing everything you need for an advertising campaign in one spot. Multiple campaigns across multiple networks can use the same creatives, landing pages and conversion tracking.
Split Test Ads:

Our powerful split testing tool creates multiple variations of the same ad with different audience targeting or creative images and text.

Each campaign contains a detailed activity stream showing you the history of changes at a glance. Notifications keep you updated on performance suggestions, ad status changes, automation events, etc.

Conversion Tracking:

Get support for multiple 3rd party conversion trackers to enabling you to monitor your users as they go through your sales funnel.


Improve performance on your campaigns by scheduling the optimal time for ads to run and utilizing advanced bid management based on performance data.


You get advanced reporting with complex filters and groupings to discover trends in your targeting and creative selection.

Beta for this is CLOSED. To be put on a waiting list please fill out your info on and once beta reopens (about November 15th) we will let you know.

Money for Nothing! TIP!

I found a way to monetize every country you have traffic for and make a great amount of money while doing it! If you are a media buyer and not doing this you are literally throwing away money! Even when you buy USA traffic many times about 6% foreign clicks still come in even on Facebook!

I have media buyers as well arbitraging this on CPV… contact for more details.

CPV networks…are they all the same?

I have been talking to CPV owners and working on a few CPV campaigns. I always wondered why things worked and then stopped working after a few days. I now have the answer it is frequency!

Always find out how many actual uniques a CPV network has before committing to a test as some of the networks have as little as 200,000 installs but still generate over 10,000,000 page views a day! Also many of the practices used are very aggressive if not illegal to get users so you may end up buying very disinterested or pissed off people wondering why they get so many pop ups There is a good article here if you would like to read more about it…My advice stick with the big boys!

Here is a guide from PPV playbook that
lists networks and traffic volume

Are you losing up to 30% of your traffic?

I got a frantic call while I was in Florida For T.R.A.F.F.I.C East from one of my Super Affiliates Phoenix Morgan who said, ”Kev, I cannot believe I have been throwing away 30% of my traffic!” When he explained it, the pieces came together and it made perfect sense. I had him lay out exactly what happened here in the hopes we can help some other media buyers from unknowingly throwing away their traffic. Thanks Phoenix!

Why I use…

This all started when I compared my traffic logs to my tracking logs down to date/time/IP level. It was obvious I was missing 30%-80% of my clicks from high volume traffic sources. After contacting the traffic sources and verifying they were sending the traffic I was billed for.

I took a look at my tracking software and server.

The first time I ran on ‘RUSH’, I could see that 50%-80% of my re-directs were NOT completing. I then switched to a new host and the problem diminished by 20% but was still way above tolerance (3%-10%).

After switching to the new Prosper202 and Beyond Hosting optimizing the database and my server, my redirects went to 100% follow through!

I have now seen campaigns that were BREAK EVEN become slightly profitable and campaigns that were profitable increase ROI by 10%-60%!

As one of my friends said, HOSTING is #1 issue to look at.

-Phoenix Morgan

Mailer Meetup next week in NYC!

Xy7Elite will be hosting the Mailer meetup:

Current benefits our mailers get from Xy7Elite:

  • Exclusive promotions (VIP invites to parties and events) like
  • $1 domain registration for our large mailers
  • Private landing pages and individual caps on offers (don’t let others steal your thunder)
  • 24-7 support from actual mailers facing the same day to day marketing challenges as you are.
  • Private domains for you to track on (no more getting filtered due to someone else’s rep or bad mailing practices)
  • Inside mailing tips from postmasters and other industry leading people

Contact or for more details.

What I am buying this week

  • in UK, AU, CA and USA
  • on Facebook
  • on Search, Display and Facebook
  • LorDa’Vie Wrinkle Cream in UISA and Canada On Display

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