FaceBook tracking off 2 nights in a row

Logged into FaceBook this morning and saw this:

Reporting discrepancies notice
Earlier last night, the Facebook ads system experienced a reporting issue which did not affect the delivery of your ads. Although your ads continued to run, we did not report any clicks for active ads running during this time for your account. The issue has now been resolved and full service has been restored. Your account will not be charged for clicks that are not reported in Ads Manager if you were paying per click (CPC). When making optimization decisions, we suggest you reference the performance statistics for your ads starting from 12:00 AM (PST) today. You can view this data by selecting “Today” from the drop down menu above your campaign and ads stats chart, which is defaulted to “Lifetime stats”. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.
ClickFather says:

Bottom line is be very careful when buying if it looks too good to be true it may be….in early Nov I got caught during Ad Tech on 2 larger buys (over $6,000 in a couple of hrs) that “adjusted” hours later and I took a financial loss. Keep detailed records on all days so you know what to expect.


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