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What’s going on here?

What’s going on here?!   I see a disturbing trend of Affiliate networks with no notice going out of business….others are rebranding or selling just ”assets” to avoid the large debts they accumulated to affiliates. I did know this day was coming, and how can it not with such a low level of entry and […]


We are now the AOR for MyLife.com!!   After enjoying a great 27 month relationship with MyLife.com we have mutually decided to become more exclusive. We now are the Agency of record for all Email, Display, PPV and text ads. What this allows us to do is launch our newest private brands like CollegeFriendSearch.com and […]


The Value of seeing someone’s expression and reading their body language is not possible through email or even really through Skype. 4 days 2 countries 13,500 miles…as I am writing this I have slept a total of 3 hrs in the last 50. Doing what it takes and going the extra mile is something that […]