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2012 First update ASW/Pay Per Call Mastermind….Oh boy!

2012 First update
ASW/Pay-Per-Call Mastermind…Oh boy!

My Awesome Vacation!
You’ve just gotta disconnect sometimes…

I took 7 days to really disconnect and spend some time planning 2012. I limited my online time to about an hr a day (Although I always stayed connected to aim). When you run the way I do, truly 16-18 hrs a day, 7 days a week, sometimes days blend together so it was nice able to just lounge by the pool or go shell hunting on the beach with my wife Rhianna.

Of course I needed to do something by the pool, so I finished off 3 books:

Assholes Finish First, by Tucker Max

This was my shot at reading my first non business related book in over 20 yrs! (I was intrigued by the title and that it was #3 on the NYT best seller list) Although amusing at times I did not really find it that entertaining or worth my time to read.

Click: What Millions of People Are Doing Online and Why it matters

This is a GOOD book written by Bill Tancer from hitwise. Although the data is slightly dated (charts up to late 2008), the subject matter of why people clicked and also certain patterns were awesome to learn and sparked some great marketing ideas for me to test.

Here are some additional tidbits I would like to share:

  • Girls search for prom dresses in January not march or April as one would think
  • Including the terms ”how to” and “why” account for over 20% of all searches
  • It took YouTube just 5 weeks to move from 39th to first position as a video site
  • Females amount for 27% of adult site visits and 30 % of that is to in the usa
  • When searching for a flight, the most popular term is “find a flight” while in the UK it’s “find airfare”

The Science Of Influence…how to get anyone to say yes in 8 seconds or less

A couple days before the Affiliate Summit a few members from my team and I did the first part of a NLP certification program. I have been a fan of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) for many years and am excited to take it to the next level and get certified. If you are at all interested in why people do certain things or act in a certain way then grab a book on NLP. Side note, there are many very technical books out there, Start with something basic. If you want my personal reading list on the subject just drop me an email I will be glad to share it with you.

Mailer Meetup Recap; Jan. 8th, 2012

The Mailer Meetup was once again an awesome event.

Over 400 people ended up coming through our doors!
We held it at the KingPin suite at the Palms casino.

If you are interested in attending the next one,
check out for more info on the next event.

Mobile Mastermind

On Monday Jan. 9th, we held the first ever Mobile Mastermind and all I can say was WOW…on 4 hr notice we assembled 38 of the brightest and most successful Internet Marketers in the world in one room to discuss mobile marketing and campaign ideas.

Here is a small sampling of what went on…

A special thanks to Phoenix Morgan for helping MC the event.

FYI There will be another Mobile Mastermind in Vegas at the end of Feb. If you are a strong Mobile marketer and looking to connect with like minds please contact me for more info.
This is a private closed door event.

What I am buying

I am currently on a Pay Per Call kick 🙂 I am buying on Msn mobile, Att Interactive, Jumptap, Megaclick and a couple of others. Returns have been nothing short of silly…some campaigns are retuning a ROI of over 2000%!!

Campaigns I am buying on Pay Per Call:

24/7 Rehab

This is a campaign where you get two benefits #1 you truly get to be involved helping people and 2. You get to make insane ROI’s while doing so!

Gold and Bullion Investing

This one works because gold and investments are on the forefront of everyone’s mind. Think outside the box there are many reasons this works.

Foreclosure Defense

Here is yet another one that you can get paid while helping someone!

If you have any interest in running these campaigns as well, please email

Where do I hang out?

Being that I spend so much time doing what I love, I have a few favorite places I visit and post on daily. They are (membership based, great info and case studies), The “Super Affiliates” forum on Facebook (it is open just apply) & now on our newest forum @

Version 2.0 of the Xy7 AdOptimizer is coming soon!

The wait is almost over! If you are a serious Facebook buyer then this tool is invaluable to you, and FREE to those on any or campaigns.
For more info check out

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