Facebook Now has CPA!

Facebook now allows Cpa?!


I just learned that Facebook now has a new conversion metric, “bid on conversions” Which should produce a ton of new opportunities for publishers.How do you use it?

Create a new ad and use the conversion pixel tracking. A new box will appear that says:

A word of caution…it seems it may be serving less qualified overflow traffic so it may cost you more and not less to start. It seems to be a CPA goal and not an actual hard CPA.
Test carefully.

More info can be found here

TCPA law passed:
What you need to know and how it may affect you
Yesterday the TCPA law passed, here is an excerpt of what it entails.

1) Beginning October 16, 2013, prior express written consent will be required for all autodialed and/or pre-recorded calls/texts sent/made to cell phone and pre-recorded calls made to residential land lines for marketing purposes.Compliance with the E-SIGN Act satisfies this requirement, meaning that electronic or digital forms of signature are acceptable (i.e., agreements obtained via email, website form, text message, telephone keypress or voice recording).

Consumer consent must be unambiguous, meaning that the consumer must receive a “clear and conspicuous disclosure” that he/she will receive future calls that deliver autodialed and/or pre-recorded telemarketing messages on behalf of a specific advertiser; that his/her consent is not a condition of purchase; and he/she must designate a phone number at which to be reached (which should not be pre-populated by the advertiser in an online form). Limited exceptions apply to this requirement, such as calls/texts from the consumer’s cellular carrier, debt collectors, schools, informational notices and healthcare-related calls.

If a dispute concerning consent arises, the advertiser bears the burden of proof to demonstrate that a clear and conspicuous disclosure was provided and that the consumer unambiguously consented to receive telemarketing calls to the number he/she specifically provided. It is a best practice for advertisers to maintain each consumer’s written consent for at least four (4) years, which is the federal statute of limitations to bring an action under the TCPA. Evidence of Internet-provided written consent includes, but is not limited to, website pages that contain consumer consent language and fields, associated screenshot of the consent webpage as seen by the consumer where the phone number was inputted, complete data record submitted by the consumer (with time and date stamp), together with the applicable consumer IP address.

2) Beginning October 16, 2013, the “established business relationship” exemption for pre-recorded telemarketing calls to residential landlines will be eliminated.

In the past, advertisers could rely on an established business relationship (such as a previous purchase) to circumvent the need to obtain a consumer’s written consent to receive telemarketing calls. That exception to the consent requirement will no longer exist after this year. Advertisers will have to obtain written consumer consent, outlined above, even if they previously had a business relationship with the consumer.

What are the penalties for failing to comply with the TCPA?

The TCPA provides for either actual damages or statutory damages ranging from $500.00 to $1,500.00 per unsolicited call/message. In determining the final amount of statutory damages to award, courts analyze whether the defendant “willfully” or “knowingly” violated the TCPA. Considering that telemarketing campaigns often involve thousands to, in some cases, millions, of calls/text messages, potential damages under the TCPA may escalate very quickly.

Sample Website
Consent Language
I hereby consent to receive autodialed and/or pre-recorded telemarketing calls from or on behalf of [ADVERTISER] at the telephone number provided above.[5] I understand that consent is not a condition of purchase.

ClickFather Side note:

Our Parent company Rapid Response marketing LLC and its subsidiaries www.Xy7.com, www.Xy7elite.com and www.Direct-calls.com do not allow SMS or Telemarking/Outbound campaigns and never have, so this law does not really change things on traffic we accept. Where it does change things is on our lead collection forms. We had to do a full audit and overhaul of most our top deals to bring them into compliance with TCPA.

Got my Tesla!
Man do I love it! Here are some pics I took the next day of it.



I can control the whole car basically on my iPhone including cooling, heating, opening windows and putting on music.
Check it out…

And IF by any chance I ever let my 17 yr. old Daughter drive it,
I can track where she is…shhh!

Until next time,
The ClickFather™



Clickfather Update – 8/14/13

Media Buying Tips!
Got end of summer plans?

Understanding the time of the year and people’s patterns is integral to being a great media buyer. The reason a person can buy media better than a computer in my opinion, is that you can plainly think in common sense. There are some key factors most automated systems do not take into consideration.Changes in response rates could be based on:

  • Time of day
  • Day of the week
  • Weather
  • Current events

This week because of a certain thing that happened on the news we increased budgets on a campaign and also saw our organic results on a niche SKYROCKET. We could have never taken advantage of this is we just “set it and forgot it.”

Mobile Marketing

Being that mobile marketing is here to stay, and now virtually anyone can access DSP inventory, I have put together some new super Airpush tips. If you have not taken a look at Airpush.com recently you should as they have a new optimization tool that is just plain awesome.
Airpush Tips and tricks…

  • ALWAYS uncheck “other” in state or country selection. Do the same with handsets. If it is not a handset or country you know why bother
  • When targeting USA uncheck the 2 “armed forces” boxes unless your offer is targeted to people enlisted in the armed services. This can save you quite a bit of $$ on clicks.
  • Even though it is great to get a load of traffic quickly, be patient and just buy premium carriers and the handsets that fit your market properly. You have access to this data so use it. The buyer that just buys everything and then “drills down and finds winners” is a loser…use common sense and give yourself an advantage from the start.

I Ordered a Tesla!

A friend of mine that could literally buy any car he wanted ended up ordering a Tesla and loves it! So I decided to visit one of the Tesla stores and of course ordered one as well! It will be ready for pick up on Sept 7th I cannot wait. I ordered it in store and then got to change it online for up to 2 weeks while I played with different color combinations etc.Here is what it looks like after the customizations and options…

The reason I work for myself…FREEDOM!

This year my daughter Natalie and I worked out of the same home office (she’s now a Senior in High school) While I worked my normal 16-20 hrs a day she got to spend time with me while she studied.I am a huge NBA fan, so of course after watching many playoffs games with me she became a fan of the Spurs. When they made it to the finals, my wife decided to surprise us with tickets to game 5!What an awesome experience! After the spurs won game 5 there were no riots, No looting (that I know of) instead the fans all go downtown in San Antonio and honk their horns in celebration. It went on till past 2 am what fun! Here is a video clip of it…

Buying Facebook Ads? Stop being lazy!

I have heard reports of people paying upwards of 50% of profit to companies to help them monetize Facebook ads. 3 words don’t do it! I understand wanting to maximize every dollar and “set it and forget it” but let me tell you in my vast experience optimizing by hand blows away any automation you can ever come up with. Over and over I have used tools and every time we switch back to manual we increase profits by a substantial amount. Also if these companies were so valuable why are none of them making money?Check this article that just came out on Business Insider.

ClickFather™ Insider Tip

Keep a diary of all your spends and don’t be lazy! Document by the hour, and after a week you will have an amazing roadmap not just for that deal but also for deals like it.Here is an excerpt from one of my media buying logs I keep on my iPhone.What this does is creates a real diary and road map of what to expect and also highlights any anomalies and opportunities, I have at times gone back to my log and uncovered gigantic trends I may have otherwise missed.

Going to Affilaite Summit?!

Until next time,
The ClickFather™

The New Gold Rush!

The New Gold Rush!

I pride myself in staying up to date on most cutting edge digital happenings and seeing trends at the outset. I have to say I missed this one.I was reading about Bitcoins in The Harvard Business review on a flight back from the East Coast and found it fascinating. Once back I then did some deep investigating, Bitcoins were started 4 years ago by someone unknown as an alternate currency not backed by any government and now have EXPLODED in value. The article I was reading not even a week off the press indicated the price shot from under $5 per Bitcoin last year to over $80! That was on Sunday.Well guess what…at current press time of this the price yesterday 4-10-13 hit $260 and then was pulled way back to $150 all within a few short hours! All due to a series of DDOS attacks and heavy market manipulation.A good explanation came from a longtime friend and Silicon Valley insider, his text read…

“Yea…Crazy couple days…a lot of sites in the ecosystem are being DDOS’ed (exchanges, chart sites, even forums)… the major exchange which does 80% of the trades is not ready for prime time. “Someone” is trying to torpedo the price with tons of sell high-frequency trades at 0.00001 shares, which is causing the major drop in price. They have poor market making functionality. Luckily, another, better exchange, with better market making engine is coming on soon. For sure, the weak link in Bitcoins is the market making exchanges. They weren’t properly engineered”

A current glance on ebay showed prices as high as
$300 per Bitcoin with Multiple bids.
Mining rigs are all sold out and people are reselling the
contracts and orders for up to $50,000!
Like this one…

I needed to dig deeper so I started investigating the overall market, competitors, acceptance etc. and let me tell you there is some HUGE opportunity here. About 200 or so merchants currently accept Bitcoins, including Bars & restaurant like this one in NYC. I forecast in the next 2 years you will be able to buy everything with Bitcoins from cars to homes. To test this theory I am going to put my Hummer, which I seldom use up for sale this week with the only payment accepted being Bitcoins. I will update what happens.

There is also a “silver” competitor called Litecoins. You can mine them as well and trade them for Bitcoins. Spend some time looking into this…there’s some gold in those computers!
Thinking about day trading it?
Well, it’s not for the faint of heart…
Check out this graph showing just one day of it’s volatility!

  • Last price: $177.65999
  • High: $266.00000
  • Low: $105.00000
Since then, trading is now haulted for 12 hours at $120.000
Hang on for the ride…

Clickfather Update: LeadsCon, $4000 Given away in suite….March Madness time!

LeadsCon, $4000 Given away in suite….March Madness time!

I love this time of year as I can sit at my desk and watch college basketball while I work :)The unpredictability combined with raw emotion is a great thing to watch.

Here’s a look at my newest office setup…

Facebook wants to be LinkedIn?

Today as I was messaging someone about a post on the super affiliate board I got this:

Pretty cool Facebook! It also made me notice I had a another box for messages called “other” that I never knew that before it was loaded with messages and solicitations :)

They are also said to be testing “extreme price point” of up to $100 a message to reach people like Mark Zuckerberg.


Although I am not a supporter of pirated content, I do believe we are slowly giving away all our rights. In the past few weeks several cable providers put into effect a new system.

Following the demise of proposed anti-piracy laws SOPA and PIPA, five Internet service providers (specifically AT&T, Cablevision Systems, Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Verizon) worked with the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and the Obama administration to create another set of protocols to stop digital pirates.

The result was the “Six Strikes” initiative, a program that allows Internet service providers (ISPs) to directly penalize users who downloaded pirated content. It is unclear how ISPs planned to punish the users; penalties could include anything from the following, according to the CCI’s official description of the Copyright Alert System:

Temporary reductions of Internet speeds, redirection to a landing page until the subscriber contacts the ISP to discuss the matter, or reviews and responds to some educational information about copyright, or other measures (as specified in published policies) that the ISP may deem necessary to help resolve the matter.Rules laid out by top service providers so far have offered a few more details on the penalties that could result for offenders.

Verizon recently announced it would throttle offenders’ Internet speeds without saying by how much. Time Warner Cable on November 15th said that it would restrict repeat offenders’ Internet browsing “by directing them to a landing page” without specifying “for how long users will be restricted to the landing page or what websites they will be able to reach, if any,” according to Torrent Freak. And AT&T, in a leaked internal training memo published by Torrent Freak, said it would block customer access to frequently visited websites “until they complete an online copyright course;” the company did not say, however, what the course will entail or which websites will be blocked. Crazy…

Yahoo CEO taking “from home”
workers back into the office.

Having done both working from home and also running a large 35 person office in Las Vegas I can say both have their respective pros and cons. I understand why Yahoo! needed to do this, as it was reported many employees were just slacking off and working on side projects. It takes someone very disciplined to be effective working full time from home. If you work from home and you are not doing well or not as successful as you want to be get an office structure can be good!

LeadsCon And March Madness…oh yeah!

Starting today, March 18th the team from Xy7Elite is out at Leadscon in full force Tuesday & Wednesday. We are hosting a March Madness hospitality suite with all the fun you have come to expect from previous XY7Elite events. Plus we are giving away over $4000 in prizes! Including a signed 2010 Dallas Mavericks ball worth over $900!

You can RSVP here!


Important Legal Tip:
FTC Updates Advertising Disclosure Guidelines

If you are advertising online you need to know that the FTC has just released Dot Com Discourses. Please take tiem and review this as it effects all of us in online advertising. To be informed is your best defense.
You can find the full document here

Another Famous Xy7Elite Giveaway!

Not since the first generation iPad has there been a piece of technology that excited me…Not of course until I saw previews of the Samsung Galaxy S4. It’s a super slick phone for someone that travels like me. It allows you to navigate the phone with just eye movements! Also has some great features like real time phone translation and a large 5″ screen. It is due To ship on the tail end of April. Demand will surely be extreme!

Now for the fun part…

The “never take no for an answer” team here at
xy7elite.com have located a source to get us these phones unlocked for any carrier. We will have them on
hand the same day they hit stores!

How do you qualify?

  • Once you hit just $10,000 in commissions from now until the end of April it’s yours! (One per Affiliate)
  • As usual we are more interested in gaining a loyal long-term affiliate trying a new offer they have not run before than just putting up a contest with unrealistic goals.
  • Will we lose money on this? 1000% YES! – Do we care? NO! :)
  • The only requirement is that you run an offer you have not run in the past 6 months with us that’s it!


Need offers to check out? Here are some examples of some new & hot offers…



  • 245825 – EXCLUSIVE ZIP SUBMIT: 24 Hour Car Insurance – EMAIL ONLY
  • 245824 – EXCLUSIVE ZIP SUBMIT: 24 Hour Car Insurance – SEARCH & SOCIAL
  • 238757 – Email Submit: $100 Dunkin Donuts Gift Card – WAP
  • 245138 – Email Submit: Burger King or McDonalds – $100 Gift Card – WAP

You MUST fill out this qualification
form before you are eligible.

For more details on these offers and other great offers, contact one your account manager today!

Until next time,
The ClickFather

Happy New Year!!

2013 is HERE!!

With the New Year here, we have made some huge improvements
to the family of Rapid Response Marketing sites.Check out www.RapidResponseOnline.com to see our newest version of our corporate site just launched! Use it to learn about our several divisions and to get it touch with us.

Facebook’s ads are cheaper when buying male targeted traffic.

It could cost you up to 30% less!

Huge announcement coming at Affiliate Summit in Vegas; here’s a taste…

I am currently working very closely with a company on a Facebook ad exchange where my buyers can get Facebook at a flat rate along with reviving a deal from 2010 that gave Affiliates and media buyers over $400,000 a month in FREE traffic.

Pulse 360…what a joke!

Is business that bad they have to do this?I get an email from pulse360 that reads:

Hello Kevin,

Since your campaign didn’t meet the required minimum monthly spend of $10 this month, we’ve deducted money from your account to make up the difference.

Amount spent last month: $0.00

Amount deducted: $10.00

For more information about the minimum monthly spend, please review our Advertiser Terms and Conditions.

And to keep your campaign running at full steam, use the Payment tab in the Pulse 360 Advertiser Center to check your balance and add funds.

If you have any questions or would like extra personal attention, our Client Services Team is ready to help. It’s easy to reach us:

Email: clientservices@pulse360.com

Phone: 1-866-94-PULSE (1-866-947-8573), M-F 8am-8pm ET.

Thank you,

The Pulse 360 Team

Desperate? I guess so. I logged in and noticed they have been taking $10 a month for months. What a shame, instead of hiring talented account executives and getting people to test they instead will make money with “junk fees” wonder if the people running it come from the mortgage industry?

Why I believe mobile is starting to surge in a BIG WAY

There was a huge spike this holiday season in people shopping from their mobile device. I have heard accounts as high as 11% of all black Friday online sales were done on either an iPhone or an iPad! Amazing huh?If you have not gotten in on Mobile ad buying now is the time. Margins are huge and traffic is plentiful. Need advice? Just aim me or…


Mobile insider meeting in Las Vegas

We will be hosting our second annual Mobile meet up at ASW at a secret location. It is only for 40 people and full of amazing insider information. If you are a proven media buyer and would like to be considered for an invite, please email theclickfather@yahoo.com


Mobile ads had a significant impact on Election:

I read several accounts of how mobile ads especially in key battleground states in late Oct and November had a huge impact in the elections with some videos getting a click through rate of as high as 19%! Face it, mobile marketing is here to stay.

Negotiating Tip

Act as if you have nothing to lose.Any great poker player will tell you when you bring emotion into a situation and show it, you are at a huge disadvantage. The same holds true when negotiating. If you take the “I have nothing to lose” attitude, then you will never be emotionally attached to any deal. No matter how badly you want a deal you should never let the other party know! When someone does let me know in a negotiation I use it to my full advantage. Beware! It is a real part of my success when negotiating.

**side note
Do not mistake this advice for a reason to exude cockiness or be insulting. You need to come across as whether the deals happen or not, you will be the same person and it is not really important.

Affiliate Summit 2013

As usual, the Xy7 Elite and Direct-calls team will be hosting our Super Affiliates in our city, Fabulous Las Vegas. To set up a meeting, click here.We also will be holding a private cocktail reception for our Super Affiliates on Monday from 6 PM to 8 PM in our suite at Caesars palace to request a rsvp please contact kevin@xy7elite.com

I’m sorry Ms. Jackson…

If you remember OutKast then of course you remember BIG BOI from OutKast. He will be performing at the Affiliate Ball on Monday night and XY7 Elite has 2 tables reserved for its Super Affiliates. Wanna get on the list? Email us here

OMG, I died…wait someone said I did?

Check out this article about a glitch on Facebook that allows you to report anyone DEAD

Until next time,
The ClickFather

ClickFather Update – Summer Roller Coaster Ride!

Wow, this summer has been some ride…

No summer vacation this year, as we went into acquisition mode.

In June we bought buymyvalue.com; a daily deals site that already had several thousand customers. Since then we have made some significant improvements to the site and now have it ready to do high volume sales. The compelling offer is get 2 movie tickets and a $50 Restaurants.com gift card for only $29.95! Great deal huh? You can learn more by going to BuyMyValue.com

Not just a fun stylus!

So back in April I came up with a “fun” little side project called Draw Anything Better. I really wanted to experience what it was like to take a product from concept to the market and boy was it a learning experience! From the patent process to getting picked up by buyers of major retail outlets to now being one of the select few products being showcased at the Emmy Gifting suite in Hollywood this month!

Early on I enlisted the help of one of my best friends James and we went through the process together. It has been a great learning experience and I am really happy I did it. Plus it is making money. :)

Amanda, drawing The Joker. Another drawing by Amanda,
one of my race horses!

Amanda drew James with
his cute hat on ;)
Our booth was buzzing at the
ASD show in Las Vegas!

Politics are heating up!

Xy7Elite now has exclusive WAP and display Democratic and Republication campaigns. Make no mistake these not “one field” campaigns these are real campaigns that support each party. Interested in running them? Please contact me personally as we are only accepting a select few publishers.

What I am buying…

  • Mobile ads for investment IRA leads
  • Idea Tank
  • Credit Repair
  • Dish TV (on PPV as well)
  • Political WAP and Display campaigns

With so many companies going out of business, many people ask me how we do it. So I am sharing my 5 keys to success with everyone.

- Stay small and always keep an eye on profitability

Find employees that can do more than one thing. Example: My Network Manager Anthony does not just put up campaigns. He also buys media, helps on creative & manages a few affiliate accounts. All my account managers are on a performance basis, which gives them unlimited earning potential but also weeds out non-performers rather swiftly. At one point we went from 4 people to 30 in about 7 months and our gross sales and profit went south. When someone asks me, “how many people do you have?” I smile and say “A handful of really sharp entrepreneurs.”

- Keep a close eye on expenses

Bedsides, paying too many salaries to non-performers many companies go broke because they over spend. Foolish employees think everything is a “write off”: so without proper guidelines in place they overspend on meals and entertainment when there is no real reason for it. No matter how well we do I always look for ways to save money. Don’t get me wrong I have no challenge spending lots of money on clients and Affiliates. We are well known for giving away cars, laptops and iPads by the hundreds to deserving publishers.

Trade shows and traveling are one of those things. I cannot tell you how many times I went over expenses and said to myself “I spent what on rooms??” We now take a serious look on who goes to shows, what the outcome is and what we expect. And if that does not happen, we then evaluate it and make changes before the next show. Don’t get me wrong we have spent upwards of $70,000 at Ad Tech on parties/Booth space & traveling it is not about how much but about the result.

- Create, do not follow

The “big” money we have made over the years has been by creating campaigns and new marketing angles. In 2004 we were the first to create a “combo offer” on ringtones and at one point we were doing over $260,000 a day in volume on it. We repeated that success over a dozen more times over the years with many products and services most of you know about.

- Know your USP in every situation

So many people attempt to “broker” a deal without adding any value. Always ask yourself, “by me being a part of this deal what do I bring to the table?” If the answer is nothing, move on as you will be chasing your tail and the other people in the deal will be wondering what the heck you are in it for.

- Stop talking and listen

Early on I blew a few large accounts by pitching them what I wanted them to buy. That seldom works. In 2007 I happened to run into a CEO of a very large coffee house Chain who was very impressed by what we did. He put me in touch with his agency who I went ahead and pitched tons of ideas like adding a birthday club and how we would re activate 5 million gift cards online for a CPA. When the agency was lost on how they would bill their normal 30% I did not have an answer…I just figured they would make it work. They did not instead they just took all my ideas and put them into play without me. Had I first asked them how they worked I could have avoided the frustration of my ideas being used and my firm not being compensated and I would have probably made quite a bit of money off it.

iPhone 5 coming out!

Seems like tomorrow will be the day the big news will be out and the iPhone 5 will be ready for pre order. Some of the rumor sites claim it will have unbreakable glass, which would be awesome. Although, I’ve got to tell you…having cracked 4 screens so far, the 4S has a great tolerance to being dropped. Check out this video on the gorilla glass they used for the phone’s case. And yes we will be doing a giveaway around it stay tuned.

Let’s roundtable it!

A few times a year I get together with serious media buyers to sit down for a few days at either one of my homes or a exotic location and really round table our marketing efforts.

These small groups are from 1 to sometimes 40 and from them we create some amazing campaigns and joint media buys. These are full transparency brainstorms where you get to see what we are paid and many times work directly with the advertiser and us to get campaigns profitable. Out of these roundtables we have come up with some really awesome stuff. We just finished one that lasted over 2 weeks and started in San Diego and then moved to Beverly Hills. No worries it’s not all work there is some fun involved as well. If you are interested in being a part of one of these drop me a line theclickfather@yahoo.com

One of our media buyers and a large advertiser
rep taking a break from brainstorming…

Until next time,

The ClickFather

Clickfather update 7-9-12

Screw me once shame on you, screw me twice shame on me…

My first run in with Vworker.com was a couple of years ago. I went on and hired someone for an hourly job and it was on a Sunday which ironically was the cutoff day for the week. This schmuck knew how to beat the system he logged in and stayed logged in for 14 hrs straight going right under my maximum allowed and then logged out. I immediately caught it, looked at the recordings and saw this guy logged in, did nothing and just let it sit there with the clock running. I emailed Vworker immediately to dispute and let them know they had a straight up fraudulent contract worker on their literally stealing money from people. I got an email back stating,”You need to wait until the bill is sent on Tuesday and then dispute it” how ridiculous huh? A stupid system, here I am with a fraudster caught red handed and they are telling me to wait till Tues? I absolutely hate companies that forget without customers they are nothing. of course being as busy as I always am Tuesday came and went and I saw a reminder on Thursday so I went in to click the review link again only to be greeted by a new message “We are sorry but you can longer dispute any hours during this time period. So again I emailed them and this time they told me “sorry you had 24 hrs to dispute in on Tuesday…..so I ended up paying this fraudulent bill……to say the least I was really pissed off and disgusted that fraud could be allowed to thrive and that the management of Vworker did not really even care! Fast forward 2 years or so later. We needed an asp programmer to work on some code on one of the sites we recently acquired so I went back into Vworker thinking well heck., I am sure they got better right? I posted up the job, reviewed applications and decided on a candidate to hire at that point Vworker asked for a $500 deposit which I was leery to do but did. After making the deposit they asked me to verify 2 small charges in addition to the $500charge I made to do a “strep 2 verification” (none of this was disclosed to me before getting caught in this loop and now I was stuck until these 2 charges showed up on Amex I could not move forward…how silly. 2 days, 3 days no charges so I called Vworker got a voicemail, emailed no response another 2 days…nothing Finally on day 6 I got a call from Vworker saying they had an issue with their system and to check my account now..I told them “too late, I do not want your service. Refund my $500,” the guy rudely responded saying “well then you need to sign a document as we are charging you 3% for the refund.” I hung up on him…. I should have know the first time when a company foundation is not built on customer service stay FAR away as your consumer experience will not be what you expect. Think about the top companies right now Zappos, Amazon, Apple all provide an exceptional customer experience and know how to “wow” a consumer from start to finish they get it.

Summer lovin’…

I love the summer! Acquisitions, new products, you name it we are doing it!

This has been a crazy 2 months for us as we purchased a daily deals company BuyMyValue.com, which has brought me back into retail sales. In house we are handling everything at the moment from marketing to customer service to shipping the actual product.

Several people have asked me “since you are so successful why would you take on a project like this and do all the work yourself?” &”Can’t you hire people?” the answer is simple unless you dig in yourself and master something how can you properly teach it? In addition we have gained so much valuable customer input by talking to people that we now know what these customers want and have built some great trust among the first customers. I am also utilizing Clicktale.com to record user sessions and watch where they click and how they interact with the site along with clickandchat.com to provide live one on one support. We now are accepting a limited amount of seasoned daily deal affiliates who want to promote this offer. If you are interested hit me up.

Can I come to your country…and once I make money leave?

For years Facebook has gotten away with playing by their own rules. This latest move by one of its founders is the ultimate slap in the face to America. So basically Eduardo Saverin got to come here to the “land of opportunity” to get an education, prosper and live the American dream and now that he has the ultimate payoff coming he decides instead of giving back to America and paying taxes on profit just like every American has to he is denouncing his citizenship?” WOW…what a punk. I heard that the IRS is going to attempt to establish he has done this just to avoid “substantial taxes,” and if that is determined he will still be liable. Also, if the Attorney General rules that he moved to avoid taxes he may be denied reentry into the US for good. In my opinion they should just deny him a visa to ever come back just for trying this stunt. Really pisses me off as I pay all my taxes and am happy when there are profits. Do I like to pay taxes? …no but I do understand it is part of being in America and an American…YES!

What message does it send when people like Eduardo Saverin publicly show others how they do not feel they need to play by the rules? And what additional backlash will happen as others figure “screw it, he did I should as well” Use America’s laws, infrastructure, free society, freedom of speech, entrepreneurial culture and openness to create a booming business, then hide all of the money that the culture allowed you to make overseas. Would he still be a multi millionaire if he paid his taxes? Of course he would. Would his money help pay for the roads, bridges, fire fighters, police and army that helped to keep him safe while he was here? Of course it would.

Go try to start a Facebook from scratch in Russia, China or North Korea…

Step right up…and Draw Something!

We also just launched a new HOT product called Draw Anything Better™. DrawAnythingBetter.com is a smart pen that we had manufactured for us that works great on many games for your iPhone, iPad and any smart phone. The marketing strategy on this product is we are taking it to the streets by placing it in over 150 retail locations nationwide and opening a booth at the LA County fair to push the product out to about 1.5 million consumers! Yours truly will personally be setting it up and working the booth on several days. Stop by and say hi!

Xy7 Ad Optimizer now works on all systems!

AdOptimizer v2 is now available and now works on all tracking systems! To request a demo go to Xy7Adbuyer.com. All Active XY7Elite.com Affiliates get the first 30 days FREE!

Get more details on Xy7Adbuyer.com!

Buying again on Facebook

As predicted due to investor pressures to make money, Facebook once going public would loosen up on ad approvals and are they ever!
If you have not tried Facebook ads in a bit I highly suggest you try them again.
One of my accounts has had 73 consecutive ad approvals in a row. Although I am not running “banned” topics I have started to get more aggressive using user attributes like {city} targeting (which for some time was banned) and getting them approved.

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I just wanted to remind you that if you want one place to see all the public offers on xy7elite you can do so by going to checkmystats.com, it is a constantly updated feed of our current offers. Not finding what you are looking for? Hit me up we may have it privately for you.