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What The ClickFather is grateful for

What The ClickFather is grateful for



Happy Thanksgiving!

As we enter this time of giving thanks I find myself reflecting back to 19 years ago where i found myself fresh in Las Vegas with $31 in my pocket and no place to call home. I think back to Thanksgiving where I spent the afternoon and evening  “silver mining” (looking for credits people left on machines) and then ending the night by eating at a buffet by myself and then  checking into the cheapest  room I could find  only to get up the next day and do the same. I am thankful I stumbled into a Super Pawn to buy a computer in 1996, knowing nothing about the space but a sense it is where I needed to be. I am thankful I had my first daughter Natalie (now 18)  who gave me a purpose to grind away countless hrs a day to be successful.
I am thankful for so many more  things: Meeting my wonderful and always supportive wife in 96 , Having a second precious daughter recently,  maintaining great friendships, A wonderful business that flourishes, I could go on and on!
Remember it is not always about what you do not have, be grateful  and appreciate all the great things in your life.
 I watched this video tonight that kind of sums it up:

here is a young boy from what I presume is a family that is short on money, he gets a cutting board as one of his birthday gifts, then thanks his mom and says ” I cannot wait to cook on it” She ends up getting him a tablet as well and his reaction is of true gratitude. Imagine we felt this way about every achievement or stride we make in life? I do.
Happy Thanksgiving,
The ClickFather ™



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