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What Motivates You?

MOTIVATION AND GOAL SETTING Many successful entrepreneurs I meet have a “vision board” in their homes and/or offices. If you do not have one,  I strongly urge you to set one up. Basically, it is a board in which you post images of your goals. You can pin-up things like magazine clippings of a destination, […]

ClickFather Update Friday 10-08-10

Facebook Answered……not really After over  2 weeks and more than one email to them  I got a Facebook response today on this issue.…. ……just instructing me to jump through additional hoops :(   it read: Hi Kevin, I spoke with several departments and was able to find the correct department to direct you to. Please email: […]

Hot Xy7Elite Offers Week of 9-20-10

Happy Monday!, Here are some awesome new offers to consider this week: Medical Billing & Coding pays on 1st page. Short-form, single-page education campaign; converts on the first page, and provides information on the top medical billing & coding schools in the country. Email, Search, Social ok  ****Limit 50 leads a day to start on […]

Back to school and back to work!

Back from a long weekend….yeah right I worked right through it 🙂 Results: Eharmony did very well with their “free access weekend” some ads had a CTR of over 1% along with a CTL of 8% on average What I did is pause all those ads at midnight  last night as the promo was over […]