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ClickFather Newsletter 10-29-10

I refer to the Internet as the ultimate equalizer where anyone from anywhere can literally be on an equal playing field with anyone else. Most social and economic boundaries can be overcome as long as you can write well, have a cool looking website and possess some knowledge about the

ClickFather update 10-22-10

As the weather changes and the holidays round the corner, it is now time to start fine-tuning your marketing and media buys for the holiday season.  Conventionally, most holiday media planning is done during the late second quarter of the year. As we are now in the last quarter, you really cannot afford to wait […]

ClickFather Update Friday 10-08-10

Facebook Answered……not really After over  2 weeks and more than one email to them  I got a Facebook response today on this issue.…. ……just instructing me to jump through additional hoops :(   it read: Hi Kevin, I spoke with several departments and was able to find the correct department to direct you to. Please email: […]